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Redhill Library, (November 2017)

Just wanted to thank you for your lovely visit to us today, it all went very well indeed.

'Your visit goes to show that when we engage with these young readers they soak up much more than we imagine.

One of the most important things and an utter joy for the children to experience, is that they have met the person that wrote a book that they have enjoyed. My observations are that children take on an ownership of an author that they have met personally; it's very special indeed and the author is their new best friend.

So, Sue, since your visit you have gained 120 new best friends and there can be no greater thing, as it propels the love of reading and adventures and confidence will dually follow.

Your books are out virtually all the time and on checking their status today, all of Redhill's six copies are on Junior Library cards with two reservations outstanding on them.

Tina Campey LDC,

Redhill Library, School visit Surrey

St.Matthew’s Primary

The visit was calm and welcoming. The author was ready and it was good to hear an author talk about their stories.

Lynn Caswell (Yr 2 -59 pupils)

We really enjoyed the time looking at books and doing an activity linked to the session. The author was great she was engaging for the children. We enjoyed it very much especially the author talk and story.

Megan Gizzi (Year 1 – 51 pupils)

The adults enjoyed hearing about the bus too.

Mr Skuse (Year 1)



St. Peter’s C of E, Ardingly (February/2018)

The children enjoyed ‘A Spooky Tale’ book and getting involved in the story.

Class teacher Reception class

I loved your passion for the playbus and could see that your beautiful books have been drawn from a rich experience of providing a great location for children to play. The stories you tell of the bus are captivating and pull you in quickly.

Phoebe Mohamad (Red Ink Publishing)


National Playbus Association

Sue, thanks for keeping the Playbus dream alive! X

Tim Hayward-Smith

EHCPA Ex. Playbus Chair BOD


School visit, St. Matthews Primary School. (March/2018)


Thank you for coming to spend the afternoon with our writers! The children very much enjoyed the experience and couldn't wait to take their designs and writing home to show their parents at the end of the day.

Aime Powell,


St. John’s C of E Primary School, (March/2018)


Thank you so much for such a wonderful day with us. The children were really inspired by your stories, fascinating take on local history and loved the fact that they see you teaching in school with us. They would love you to come back next Book Week again. Staff were all very impressed with your enthusiasm. 

Jacky Fyson (Deputy Head))


St.John’s C of E School, (November/2017)

Caterham, Surrey.

“Sue’s extensive experience in teaching means that as a children’s author she provides a positive reading experience which engages the children she works with.”  

Jill Webber, Reading Lead


St. Peter’s C.E Primary School, (Feb 2018)


Sue Wickstead, author of ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’, shared her journey as an author in worship, followed by reading her books and answering questions for children from reception to year4. The children were fascinated to learn that ‘Jay-Jay’ was inspired by her work with a children’s charity, a ‘Playbus’.




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5 Star Reader Review

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