Teacher Tales

  • Lockdown author

    Rainbow bus

    World book day this year was certainly very different.

  • Lockdown Family

    Macrame Cavendoli

    At the start of the first lockdown, probably the same as everyone, I found a few things to keep me busy.

  • Lockdown home 2020

    A Spooky Tale

    The inspiration for a story can come from events or ideas. Any time or any place.

  • Lockdown Lego


    My Lego Journey

  • Lockdown Teaching


    When schools shut with the first Lockdown there was uncertainty as to how long this would be for.

  • Lockdown, coronavirus and me

    My bus journey

    Am I the only person not worried about lockdown?

  • Lockdown, what have you done?

    Rainbow Hands

    In March, as schools closed, I did wonder what next?

  • Music and Me

    I do not count myself as musical, or at least not musically trained.

  • Schoolday Smiles


    With a supply teacher visit to a school that I had not been to for a few of years, I wondered how the day would go.

  • Spooky Bewbush

    A Spooky Tale now ready to print I wondered if the original walk was still there and whether it had changed.

  • Spooky Connections!

    How Spooky was that? An exciting and Spooky turn of events indeed!

  • Spooky Tale - Special Times

    A Wickstead watch

    Once upon a time I took my class on a walk around the local neighbourhood, it ended with the teacher (me), going home feeling unwell. (NOT Coronavirus)

  • Thank you Year 3.

    I recently visited a school where I was greeted with welcoming smiles and excitement.

    Yes they had met me before, in Year 1, and now in Year 3 they remembered me!

  • The Art of supply

    One of my pet hates on supply is Art. Why?

    It can be tricky. You never know where the art materials are kept? If there are enough materials? Where and how do the children clean up the paint pots etc?

    Also, Art can potentially lead to mess and chaos especially as there are children who you do not know (And sometimes the children know this and act on it too).

  • The Friendship Stop

    Where would you go if you were feeling sad?

  • The Supply Teacher Journey

    Sometimes the supply teacher journey can be a bit isolating and lonely.

  • The Supply Teachers Bag

    ‘Carrying stuff around is the new leaving it where it is’.

  • The Unexpected Guest

    A supply teacher

    Two days of supply with Year 5 in a school. While collecting the children from the playground I overheard the whispers from the parents.

    ‘Not another supply!’ I understand the disruption a change can bring but it left me a little uncertain. Fortunately, the children here were great.

  • Walking With The Teacher

    As I sat drinking my coffee, in the café in the park, I watched as groups of children passed by with their teachers and I smiled.

  • What will we do today?

    You never know what task you will be set or indeed what you will need to do when you are a supply cover teacher. You have to be adaptable.