Events and Fairs

Fairs and Events

Over the years i have attended many events including Bus Running Days and Library Book Readings.

Library visitI am happy to chat with the public and offer signed copies of the books on request.

(I often tak the badge machine too, as the children do enjoy badge making)

At these events I have been able to talk about my stories, both the fact and fiction, as well as the inspiration or connections behind each of the stories.

Guest Speaker/ Visitor

I am always happy to talk to an audience both large and small. 

It is often a surprise to find there is an interest in the original Playbus which often brings new surprising comments along the way..

I have also visited other mobile projects and produced resources to compliment the books. I am always happy to visit groups and events on request.Mestham

During these talks, I can share

  • What a playbus is and what it can do
  • The journey of the playbus I was involved in
  • How the bus led to my writing
  • A reading of one of my books
  • Signed copies of my books

Book shop visitI will also take Q and A from the audience.

Author Visits

Designs a bus workshop

Badge Making

Author Testimonials

Patron of Reading

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