• 30 Ways to get children reading

    30 ways to encourage a love of reading.

  • A visit to a Library

    Reading is important and having lots of books to experience can enrich a child’s learning. For an author, it can be very special to meet and to share books with children. It is always great to be able to answer questions and to inspire them in their reading and their writing.

  • Alexander and Winnie the Pooh

    Winnie the Pooh Lego

    Winnie the Pooh.

    We continue to enjoy our Thursday morning reading as well as lots of play-time.

    April 2023

  • Alexander's - February Reading

    Time to Read

    Woo Hoo!  Reading with Alexander

    Our Thursday morning reading.

  • Builder - Book

    Builder Book

    A love of reading, books and writing allows children to use their imagination and build their own stories.

  • Creative Nonsense

    Creative Writing:

    Over the last few years, I have joined a few writing groups. A few Zoom meetings too.

  • Have you met any fantastic beasts?

    The Zoo

    I was asked to talk about an author, for my writing group, and what they meant to me..

  • How can we make reading fun?

    Children reading

    Share a story or two with your children.

  • How do I get my daughter to read?

    This was a question that my hairdresser asked me in November.

  • I Believe in Fairy Magic

    Reading is a magical adventure and who better to spread a little bit of magic reading dust, than the book Fairy.

  • Reading and Writing Challenge

    A friend told me she set up a reading challenge for her daughter, to encourage her because the school reported that she was falling behind and becoming a reluctant reader.

  • Spooky Tale - Special Times

    A Wickstead watch

    Once upon a time I took my class on a walk around the local neighbourhood, it ended with the teacher (me), going home feeling unwell. (NOT Coronavirus)

  • What books would you put in your bag?

    When I was asked to write a photographic book, about a playbus I was once involved with, I decided I would need time to focus and to write. I therefore left full-time teaching and took on the role of supply/cover teacher. This would allow me to not only to concentrate on the writing journey but give me time to gather the information and photographs needed for the book.

  • What favourite books do you have? Why?

    In primary schools the children are often divided into reading groups which are named after current favourite authors.

  • What will your key unlock at the library?

    'A library is the tunnel where you can escape. It has the key. All the great knowledge in the world is there you can just lift it up. Books are your free ticket to  the entire earth.'(Billy Connolly)

  • What would your Playbus do?

    Children's bus

    Sparky has finally reached the finish line on her raffle giveaway.

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