Design a bright and colourful bus

Everyone loves to draw a bus, but how can you make your bus stand out differently?

With a powerpoint full of examples of colourful buses children are invited to design their own version.

they are given a 2D or 3D template to use. they are also encouraged to draw and label their own 2D bus idea.

A Playbus is bright, colourful and certainly different.

2D bus designChildren are encouraged to create their own ideas.

They can label and and comment on their bus plan as well as its purpose.

Using their designs they can create their own 3D design .(using given template) 3D Bus Design

This can be developed further using other constuction media.

2D or 3D bus .

Powerpoint presentations support some of the following themed topics.

What sort of bus could you design? :-

  • A bright and colourful playbusA space Bus
  • Christmas bus
  • Book bus
  • London Mystery bus3D bus model
  • Superhero bus
  • Lego bus
  • Toy bus
  • A tour bus.
  • Children always come up with some great ideas.

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