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“Meeting an author, illustrator, poet or storyteller in real life and hearing them convey their passion for their work can fundamentally alter a child or young person's relationship to books and ignite a life-long love of reading. An author visit can contribute to the recommendations in the 'Moving English Forward' OFSTED report. This encourages schools to develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment."

(Prices on request.)

Meet an Author

I am happy to spend the whole day in school visiting a range of classes for between 30 and 45 minutes (age related).

I am also happy to participate in a school assembly, about my journey to publishing.

The class sessions will cover : -

  • How I became an author
  • Fact to fiction
  • Book readings
  • Question and Answer 

I am also able to bring along ‘The Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee Trust Award’, which was presented to the Bewbush Playbus.

A scheme of work, together with worksheet ideas to support the books, is also available on request.

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