Learning bus

I was pleased to hear about a school in Peterborough who have an EdTechBus and wanted to know more.

The school is Dogsthorpe Infant School. Dogsthorpe Primary School

Tell me more I asked.

The bus is now four years old.

The vehicle was once a luxury coach until the end of its 'road life'

It was opened it at Christmas that year and had Santa open it with real reindeers, sleigh and of course .... snow.

You can you still hear the sleigh bell ring?

ETech learning bus journeyIt was repainted it and heating added, most of the seats were taken out, it was re-carpeted and a ‘green screen' was installed with large TV screens, Virtual Reality googles and other Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment such as Merge cubes.

Next door to the bus a 'Bus Station was built which an outside classroom (covered) with picnic tables and chairs for children to do written work etc.

Every class books time on the bus.

Why a single decker bus not a double decker?

As a double decker bus can often leak, the headteacher, at the school, decided with all that expensive EdTech to keep dry a single decker with a waterproofed roof and lining would protect and last a bit longer.

 What can you do on the bus?

They can then travel on the bus to other parts of the world via VR, Ar, Green Screen etc.

They can also visit space and hold planets in their hand and answer questions via an app.

The bus can dive beneath the waves to see sharks, octopus, penguins etc.

The bus can also take the children back in time to visit castles and Robin Hood.

They can be shrunk down so they can enter a human heart and see how it works or wear a tee shirt so that when other children point their iPad towards them, they can see how the human body breaths and pumps blood around arms and legs. ETech bus interior

Good, eh?

It certainly is!

That is the Dogsthorpe Infants EdTech Bus.

Dazzle - well being dogSometimes the children are driven to their destination by Eddie Edster, our well-being dog or if he is at home, 'Dazzle' the school’s mascot dog which (unlike Eddie) isn't a real dog but a giant stuffed one.

lol. AWWWWWL ABOARD! Eddie Edster - well being dog

Tickets Please!!!!

#TheDogsthorpeExpress  #Dream #Believe  #Shine

Dream Believe shineI would certainly love to get on board this bus! Wouldn't you?

To find out more why not listen to Eddie's podcast Here

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