Jay Jay goes to No.10 Downing Street

I was pleased when suddenly out of the blue came a message of thanks from Comic Relief for all my years of fund-raising work!

Yes I have been making personalised red nose badges ever since the first ‘Red Nose Day’. (See my previous Blog Comic Relief)

I still have the ‘Thank you’ certificates sent over the years but this was a personal surprise.

Sue Wickstead in Downing Street LondonThen I received another message, this time an invitation from Number 10 Downing Street! The words from my book seemed to say it all!

'“Wow!” Jay-Jay was so surprised! “Me?” he thought, “Can this really be true or just a dream?”

Surely it was he who should say thank you'

The event at Downing Street was hosted by Samantha Cameron on behalf of ‘Comic Relief’. Comic Relief, she said, was a charity close to her heart.

Then David Walliams read his book ‘The Queens Orang-utan’ and it was fantastic hearing the book read not only by the author (with funny voices and expression) but I was glad to receive a signed copy too! I would have a few tales to tell in the schools I visit.

Then I met David Tennant who took the time to listen to my involvement in the ‘Charity’ over the years. He showed an interest and having then signed my ‘Lego’ book made the comment.

“So Comic Relief saved your life?” and Yes it was true, in recent years being able to keep the badge making tradition going has truly helped me to move on. It has enabled me to write my children’s book with hopefully others to follow.

I became involved in Comic Relief as a means to raise the profile of the Playbus project I once ran. Now, the bus itself gone, it lives on in its own photographic history book as well as the fictional tale of Jay-Jay.

I left a copy of the books, the factual book for Samantha Cameron and the fictional book for her children, I hope they take the time to look through and enjoy them. I also made ‘Sam Cam’ her own personal badge which I hope she gets to wear!

Outside No.10 Downing StreetNow I can tell the children in the schools I visit that there is a copy of both of my books not only in Buckingham Palace but also 10 Downing Street.

Once when fixed in one school I made over 1500 badges all hand written and made by hand! How did I do it I wonder? The children then in my class would collect the data and produce bar graphs and pictograms, we would sing songs tell jokes, write funny stories as well as find out about the work of ‘Comic Relief’ and who it would support.

These days, as a supply teacher and author, I make fewer badges but still over 400. Which is good!

It was always such a pleasure to be involved in my little way and great to know that it was appreciated.

All I can say is:-

“Wow! Me? Can this really be true or just a dream?”

Surely I should say thank you for being able to join in the fun of comic relief!”

But maybe the message of ‘Comic Relief’ is that we can all do something in our own way. I don’t bake cakes or dance or sing but I did have a badge machine and could make a few badges!

I was once sent a message regarding the bus ‘Whatever happens keep it going’. So I am glad in my own small way I do just that!

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