I recently visited a school where I was greeted with welcoming smiles and excitement.

Yes they had met me before, in Year 1, and now in Year 3 they remembered me!

The class were writing a book review about their class book and had obviously done a lot of preparation work. They had a prompt sheet to complete and they did it quickly and confidently!

Having a bit of time spare I suggested maybe they use their prompt sheet to write a book review for me. (I pointed out how pleased authors are to have messages and opinions sent)

Who is the book for?

The book is for young children in school.

It is for anyone who loves buses, play or vehicles.

What is the plot summary?

Once there was a bus called Jay-Jay and he was a dusty bus until someone bought him. He felt so amazed when he was turned into a ‘Playbus’. (Archie)

The bus became left alone and miserable and then a man wanted the bus for something exciting. (Kian)

He was in the scrap yard and somebody bought him. (Tommie)

The book is about an old dusty bus that is transformed into a bright Playbus. (Olivia)

... a bus who was really old and is thrown into the scrap-yard. Then he is turned into a new colourful playschool where kids go and play. He is also given his new name. (Zac)

Jay-Jay felt sad because he was put in a scrap yard, then the children climbed on him. But the scrap yard owner said “Get off it’s not safe!” (Shania)

It is a story about a bus who is really old, he (is mended and ) is nearly new and the children like the bus, it is fun. It has even got a slide on it and they called it, ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’. (Marcus)

Jay-Jay goes from the scrap yard and is turned into an amazing bus. (Alex)

The book is about a bus changing into a bus full of excitement instead of a scrap yard bus. (Aiste)

A magical bus. (Dayna)

Do you recommend this book? Why?

The story has lots of exciting things going on. (Cailin)

I like the book because it was great when Jay-Jay got turned into a ‘Playbus’. (Callum)Childrens bus drawing

Jay-Jay was a bus that was cool, amazing and fun. Children loved him. (Luciano)

It is thinking of others and friends. I like the colourful illustrations. (Daniela)

It is about a bus that went through some sad stuff and through some really nice stuff. (Kian)

It is a perfect book because it has a fun bus called Jay-Jay and is for those who like buses. (Agata)

This is a really good book. I love it because I like buses and vehicles. I really like the bit when the bus went to Buckingham Palace and he was very surprised. The bit that I did not like was when the bus was broken down. (Alice)

I like the book because it shows how the bus feels and the part when the children like coming into the bus and have fun!

( I was impressed by the thoughts and quick reviews from the children, I just had to say a big ‘Thank-you!’ The Teaching Assistant, found a copy of my book in the school library for the class so I just had to give them another copy! )

Thank-you your smiles and friendly greetings.

Additional comments

I liked your new book and I think you should write more!

You should write books for older children

Thank you. I am still writing and hopefully there will be more to follow. Who knows maybe one day the rain-stick story might end up as a chapter book! The story certainly seems to be growing and does seem to capture the imagination!

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