“Our supply teacher, Mrs Wickstead, was actually an author. We were not expecting that!”

“The story read to us was a story of a bus named Jay-Jay. He was an abandoned, retired bus that gets transformed into a ‘Playbus’ and renamed Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus.” Lola explained.

Dear Sue,

We are writing to tell you how much we loved you reading your book to us.

Lucian enjoyed the part when Jay-Jay was rescued from the scrap yard. While Faith said she liked it when you talked about how Jay-Jay was happy that he was going to be used again by children who had no-where to play.

Zain liked it when you read that the children would climb on the bonnet of the bus and slide down. While Emilie thought it was fun when the children would run up and down the stairs and how carefully theybus slide would play.

StairsHe must have been nervous when he was taken to the airport, Lily thought.

Luke liked it when he was getting decorated and Scarlett liked him getting repaired.

Evie loved the bit when Jay-Jay tried to fly like an aeroplane. Meanwhile Samantha was excited to hear about the medal from the Queen.

Lily-Mae, Tom and Saif all wished that he was still here as the book made them want to go on him and play. It was great seeing the children having so much fun and how happy he made the children.upstairs play

I was happy when Jay-Jay escaped from the crusher added James. (So was I James)

Thank you for reading your book to us.

From Year 5

“It was a pleasure. I am glad you enjoyed it.”

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