Rockets and star ships that can zoom you through space, time and beyond. 

Star Wars certainly has a variety of different space craft.Bus Net

Harry Potter uses a port-key and flue powder while Hermione Granger uses her time-turner.

Comic book character, ‘Flash’, uses his speed.

BusesDr. Who has a TARDIS.

The Delorian Car is used in ‘Back to the Future’.

In ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,’ they went through the Wardrobe.

In this school they even had their own cupboard portal where the SAT’s papers are kept.

So why not a Space Bus?Space Bus

Space bus NetAs the task in D.T was to use a net to make a 3D TARDIS Jay-Jay supplied the bus net.

We looked at a few real buses decorated with a space theme and then the children were given a challenge:-

‘They would have to design their own Space buses

Your bus must have space pictures and designs

Your space bus must be bright and colourful.

Your bus must have a name clearly on its side!

What will you call it?

What colours will you use?’

Year 5 bus designsThe children in Year 5 really rose to the challenge. They produced the best buses I have ever seen.

On Friday they could travel home with them in Space and Time.

“Thank you for teaching us, it is sad you have to go now, THANK YOU for a lovely week.” said Scarlet.

It certainly was a good week and I was glad the children enjoyed the visit but now, like Jay-Jay, for me a new adventure must begin.

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Bus convoy

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