As a supply teacher in Sussex and Surrey I have taught across the whole primary age range. One day I may be in Reception and the next in Year 6, as such I have to be adaptable.

In this role I undertake the lessons set by the school but the stories I tell are about the Playbus and of course ‘Jay-Jay’. On a few occasions I have been asked to come up with teaching ideas which meant I have relied on my story books as a starting point from here I created a few worksheets which could be used. Some of these have been used to support the teaching.

Desmond's busI found my old planning and worksheets for a Year 2/3 QCA Scheme of work on Transport for Design Technology. I have seen ‘Transport’ undertaken as a topic in many schools and wondered how my book could support the curriculum.

With much thought I produced a ‘brainstorm’ / topic overview of ideas where ‘Jay-Jay’ and a transport project could be used in many subject areas across the curriculum. I also produced a power-point presentation showing buses decorated for the London celebration ‘Year of the Bus’ as well as real buses and other mobile vehicles brightly decorated, this can be used to give ideas for children to design their own bus.

The worksheets have now been published through the TES teacher resources in the hope that they might be useful to anyone undertaking a topic on transport; and of course to be used hopefully with the book ‘Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus’.

Once an author booking confirmation is received a resource pack of lesson worksheets and ideas are given to the school as well as seven complimentary story books. The books are for a school to use as they see fit but it is suggested that the books would be for one for the school library with a further six as either a guided reading set or alternatively one book for each year group.