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As November arrives it's time to think about Christmas.

Or so we thought.

By now, as the second half of the autumn term starts in schools, it would normally be time to sort out the Christmas play.

What production to do?

Who would be cast in the key roles?

Learning songs, creating dances, sorting costumes.Christmas book

A time of anxious excitement!

But this year is not normal.

November is the turn of my book ‘The Christmas Play Rehearsal’, to be featured in another EYFS Home day in December.

Barty Barton is ready for Christmas.

Meanwhile, a new book, ‘Barty Barton – the bear that was loved too much’, came out in print.

He wanted to catch and earlier bus to deliver a big bear hug during this troubled time.

Well let’s hope we can celebrate Christmas together soon.

Stay safe and stay strong.


Barty BartonDear Children,

Barty Barton heard that there will be another lockdown but don’t worry he and Santa will make sure you smile.

Santa doesn’t think it’s Christmas without a teddy bear.

You can’t love a bear too much.




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