A Happy bus

Having made a few bright and colourful Lego buses I decided to continue making ready for any future author events.

Author events! Remember when we could meet?

I have been using old bricks but then ran out of old wheels.

But, not to worry, I remembered I had a few more old brick wheels and I was able to carry on.

With a few basic bricks with faces on, I decided to give them 'googly eyes', something i didn't want on my book illustrations of Jay-Jay.

But there are a few Playbus projects with eyes. Such as Maggie, in Ipswich.


The key pieces are the windows. I was using 1 x 6 trans' clear bricks but I ran out and had to adapt to 1 x 2 trans' clear..












The result is a Happy bunch of buses to share.

Why not have a go and create your own buses.

Recently during Lockdown i have been selling a lot of Lego to a policeman in Italy.

He was having a difficult time so I thought, with his next order, that i would make him his own Italian bus.

Maybe he could take it out for a drive.

I wonder where he will take him?

I wonder what he might see?

A Spanish bus journey.


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