Carnival Parade

What would you dress up in for the carnival parade?

That was the question I asked as Jay-Jay headed off on the raffle road, offering a free signed copy of his book, ‘Jay-Jay and the Carnival’.

T-RexDeborah and Ed Rex would dress up as T-Rex dinosaurs. Deborah already has her costume while Ed has the name.

Maybe Simon could join in with his ‘really bright costume’ for a dinosaur parade.

With Ann-Marie as a ‘Caribbean Queen’ and Supriya (our random Rafflecopter winner), as a ‘Bollywood Dancer’ this would definitely add both colour and sound.

Simons ‘really bright costume’ would fit in here too.

Emily would dress up as ’NHS Heroes’, with Sarah in her ‘Rainbow’ costume there would probably be lots of clapping for this. Maybe the ‘weather witch’, could join in bringing hopefully sunshine and not rain.

In Jay-Jays picture story book the carnival theme was ‘flight’.

Carnival of flight‘With aeroplanes, space ships, dancing birds in feathered headdresses, and children in multi-coloured costumes, this certainly was a ‘flight of fancy’.

The real carnival was always a popular event and our Playbus would love to join in the procession as we could.

The themes included :

Pantomime – ‘Daisy’ our newly painted bus led the parade;

The wild West;Wild West Carnival

The circus – with our new red bus ;

PlaydaysAs seen on TV – we just had to go as ‘Playbus’ (name changed later to ‘Playdays’);

Nursery Rhyme – sadly Daisy had long gone but she would have been perfect for this one;

50 Years of Crawley – the last ever carnival in the town and the Playbus was this year the winner of the carnival float in its category.Crawleys last carnival

It was always quite a challenge to decorate a bus but it was certainly the families that joined in that made it all worthwhile, and of course getting everyone to visit the bus and know who we were and what we could do was a bonus for fund-raising.

The dedication in Jay-Jay’s book reads;

‘To my mum and my sister Angela, who both loved the carnival parade. Fiestas and fireworks!’

Fiesta in MoriaraFor many years we have visited the little town of Moraira in Spain to join in and watch their moors and Christians Fiesta.

It certainly is a bright and colourful event and always welcoming.

This led to me reading my books in the local library and schools.

If you missed this bus raffle, the next bus journey will follow 

Daisy Daydream Raffle Enter here.

Daisy Daydream on the raffle road.

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