Book review

  • Although not yet complete, at the end of the day, I asked if the class might like to write an honest review of the book for younger readers.

    I always love hearing what the children say and think.

  • “Our supply teacher, Mrs Wickstead, was actually an author. We were not expecting that!”

  • On my Supply Teaching journey it is nice to go back and meet the children again, maybe even a year on and a little older.

  • A Spooky Tale was a story I had written with my class many years ago.

  • Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus is off again?

  • Sometimes when you are visiting a school the work is clearly set and easy to follow, but sometimes you just have to be prepared for the unexpected and think of another plan!

    So, when the lesson was ICT and we found the laptops had not been charged it was time to think of an alternative plan.

    Tell them about your book suggested the another teacher.

  • 'Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus' has recieved favourable comments from adults too!

  • 'Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus', visits schools!

  • In 1996, celebrating '50 Years of Crawley', the Playbus proudly took part once again in the last ever local carnival parade. The group won the cup that year and it was a great success. We always loved taking part in the parade and as a highlight of our social calender it has now inspired the fictional tale.

    This year the bus and its stories have been on a different type of parade, a blog tour parade!

  • Finally, with book 4 ready to start its journey it was time to start the bus and get it out on the road. With its engine purring nicely, it was ready to go.

    What next?

  • A Blog Tour? What indeed is that?

  • This has certainly been a busy year for my children’s picture books as I had decided to put each of my current books on blog tours.

    September it was Daisy Daydream's turn.

  • What can I say other than, ‘What a pleasant surprise!’

  • It is always nice to visit a school and tell them a little about the books.

  • It is always good to have the time to share a story book with children.

  • I recently visited a school where I was greeted with welcoming smiles and excitement.

    Yes they had met me before, in Year 1, and now in Year 3 they remembered me!

  • It is always great to hear the children’s opinion and after hearing the story the Year3/4 class wrote a book review.

  • This is a question I am often asked but find it hard to answer at times.

5 Star Reader Review

5 star reader review award

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