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  • A Spooky Tale - Blog Tour

    A Spooky Tale was a story I had written with my class many years ago.

  • An Island Blog Tour

    Blog Tour

    Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus is off again?

  • Carnival Fun - blog tour

    In 1996, celebrating '50 Years of Crawley', the Playbus proudly took part once again in the last ever local carnival parade. The group won the cup that year and it was a great success. We always loved taking part in the parade and as a highlight of our social calender it has now inspired the fictional tale.

    This year the bus and its stories have been on a different type of parade, a blog tour parade!

  • Christmas Blog Tour

    A Blog Tour? What indeed is that?

  • Daisy Daydreams - Blog Tour

    This has certainly been a busy year for my children’s picture books as I had decided to put each of my current books on blog tours.

    September it was Daisy Daydream's turn.

  • Jay-Jay Blog Blitz

    What can I say other than, ‘What a pleasant surprise!’

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