Macrame Snowmen

I’d like to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

‘The Christmas Play Rehearsal’ raffle, has now ended and what a busy time it has been. The book was featured on an EYFS Home day in December 9th.

In case you missed it here is the link.    

With the early years’ day, parents, Nurseries and pre-school groups can dip in and out throughout the day joining in as and when they can. The group offers lots of different ideas and themed days so spread the word.

Next year I hope to have some of my other stories join in too. It is certainly fun thinking of activities for little ones to join in with. My stories are for children older (4-8) so it’s been good to think of ways to adapt them for a younger age group. I’ve pulled on my playworker knowledge and it’s made me remember the fun the Playbus brought to every age group: young and older children and adults too. I’m having fun and I’m learning.

The Friendship Bus   

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For the Christmas Raffle I asked two questions.

1. What do you wish for this year?

Not surprisingly the answers were all about seeing the family, virus permitting.

Seeing children and grandchildren and the chance to be together and celebrate, indeed just getting through it this year with new traditions being made.

Opening the presents on Christmas Day and watching the little children open theirs. We would always have something to wear, something to make or do, something to play or play with, something to read and something to eat.

How about you?

2. What is the best thing about Christmas?

Macrame NativityFor me it is the glistening lights on the Christmas tree and decorating of the house. I’ve always liked to make something for Christmas each year, including a macrame nativity, that went into school. Now the making has become more about Lego and the house gets more and more full. Hopefully my grandson will enjoy my decorations as well as my love of Lego and of course buses.Books and buses

Deborah said the best bit for her is: ’the carol service in the high street, with the Salvation Army band playing Carols as you shop’. That certainly is a lovely image. For some it was midnight mass and the Christmas tunes to brighten your day.

Lots of people said it was the Christmas dinner; sharing food with family and friends; the laughter around the dinner table; a glass of bubbly and socialising with fun and games. Don’t forget the Christmas Crackers even with their silly jokes and hats.

Cross-stitch Crackers

It may indeed be very different this year with different traditions. Perhaps a lot quieter for many. So, for those who want a rest and time off from work, or like Yolande, ‘to eat chocolates from selection boxes on Christmas morning’, let’s hope you get to enjoy it your way.

But Christmas time is more than lights and presents.

It’s about remembering the importance of friends and family, a time to reflect on the past and to look towards a new beginning.

With 2020 nearly over it certainly is a time to look forward to a new decade and a new start.

I certainly hope we get to have a bit of snow to build a real snowman.

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