Once there was a real bus which worked in Glasgow.


Working with our own, Bewbush Playbus, was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.

Newcastle Rally 1990Over the years we were able to attend training rallies from Brighton to Newcastle, with or without our bus.

At these events we were able to meet many other mobile projects, sharing ideas and support.

Some projects, like us, were self-funded and some run by statutory authorities.

It was always fantastic to see all the different painted buses and to see how they were changed inside for the work they undertook.

A Playbus or mobile community vehicle in any form can operate as:

  • A crèche, pre-school or parent & toddler groupBig Bus Bash 2000
  • Twilight youth drop in
  • Outreach or detached youth centre
  • Advice and information centre
  • Toy and book library
  • IT centre
  • A holiday play centre
  • Combined training/advice centre and crèche
  • Environmental education centre
  • Mobile sensory centre for disabled children and adults
  • Health advice centre
  • Mobile arts centre

The list is endless! Playbuses can offer many of the above services from just one vehicle.


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