The Christmas Play
This is for anyone who has encountered a few funny problems putting on a play.
Flying sheepThe childrens nativity is one of those special, 'Ahh', moments. It is always a lot of hard work getting it all ready.
Costumes; props; casting; lines to learn it never is straight forward.Kings and pages
This is a story based on real events when putting on the school play but I am sure there are many other events and problems you could add?
The props

The sequined waistcoat

Every December I would wear my sparkly sequined waistcoat and the children knew Christmas was on its way.

But, one year the waistcoat went missing and the children were as sad as I was. We searched and searched checking everywhere. We put out posters telling about its loss and asking for anyone to look out for it, but nothing.

Sad animalsSadly, I resigned myself to its loss.Mye in my waistcoat

Then after the end of term as I stood on my doorstop looking up the road I saw a black rag lying in the middle of the road, there was a slight orange sparkle. I ran up the middle of the road, fortunately it was not a busy road, and picked up the dripping wet rag. It was the waistcoat; after a wash it was as good as new.

So, in answer to the question: - “What is your favourite colour sequin?”

My answer is “Orange of course!” as that is how I found it again.


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