Daisy Daydream

‘‘A sweet story, wonderfully illustrated, and with a very important message." The Wishing Shelf

'Perfect for a restless child at bedtime.
There was so much to enjoy here, whether it be the wonderfully playful language – ‘Her new green and blue colours became a landscape filled with trees and rolling hills – or Daisy, the bus, who helps the young reader to understand how not everything old should be thrown away. Humpty Dumpty
With delightful drawings and the lightly-written story, a great story to share at bedtime.

Little Miss MuffetFor any parent who is looking for a lightly-written, sweet story for children aged 5 – 8 would find this book fits the bill perfectly. Also, there’s a lovely theme of ‘recycling’ to the story that parents will be happy to share with young children. And, of course, any child who enjoys this book will instantly want to find a play bus to play on.
Colourfully illustrated and with plenty happening to keep a child amused, it might prove very popular at bedtime.' Wishing well review.

The real Daisy

In 1987 the real Daisy was given a new lease of life when she was repainted with popular Nursery Rhyme characters for the children to enjoy and sing along.Jack and Jill

The brightly decorated exterior would attract the attention of the children and get them running along to play and explore inside.

The playbus was a very popular and much-loved venue for a playgroup and fondly remembered.

Little Bo PeepA safe place to enjoy and certainly full of fun.

But I wonder what songs would the children sing these days?

Do they still know their Nursery Rhymes?

We even made a few rhymes of our own.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

There was an old woman who lived on a bus,

She had so many childen who made such a fuss.

So she gave them some paint, and she gave them some glue,

Now there is so much they can do!

Daisy Daydream - nearsideDaisy Daydream - offside


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