Daisy's Journey

For Indie Authors Week Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus was going to join in with a raffle prize.

As the week progressed, I was listening to Ruby Heart who was not only sharing a joke or two (I love jokes) but also a few Nursery Rhymes. It made me think about Daisy’s other book Daisy Daydreams Bus Rhymes and Jokes, and I began sharing a few rhymes and jokes over the week too.

On Daisy’s raffle tour the questions were:

What would you paint on your bus? Design a bus workshop

Where would you go?

Deborah would go back in time to her grandmother’s home.

A Space BusMaybe a touch of Dr. Who and a time travelling Playbus there. I think I recall a time travelling Space bus journey in a school.Space Bus

Aimee would head ‘over the hills and afar away, with a bus decorated with flowers and maybe something retro and psychedelic. Congratulation to Aimee for winning the raffle, hopefully the story will take her far away from Covid19.

Bus Rally 2000Flowers and bright coloured insects with butterflies and bees were a favourite, so maybe this would be a mobile gardening bus.

Su would take her bus to the Lake District and together with the lovely flowers her puppy dog pictures would set the scene. Perhaps she and Ruby would sing a few rhymes along the way.

Jacey would really love to take the bus to the London Transport Museum when it opens next, wouldn’t it be lovely if Daisy Daydreams books were there with Jay-Jay, Gloria and Sparky too. Her bus would be decorated with lots of colourful children’s handprints. - that certainly would be fun for children to get involved with a hands-on connection.

Priya would love to head off to the theatre or even the library on a bus decorated with flowers, teacups, plates, princesses, butterflies and lots of bright colours. This certainly would be a beautiful bus.A colourful bus

Gabrielle would use her bus, decorated with different wild flowers, to visit her best friend (her mom – in Polk city) and her siblings too. Yes, a definite for after Corona virus. A social distancing bus ride or even a Tea Time bus journey.

I’m not sure if Simon would head off on a nice sunny day to Bondi Beach in Australia or if his bus would have pictures of the beach. Either way it would certainly capture your eye.

East Herts PlaybusSolange would have lots of different kinds of animals and I think I have seen a few just like this.

To listen to Ruby’s rhymes visit YouTube.

Daisy Daydreams Bus Rhymes and Jokes

To listen to the story

Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus

Watch out for Gloria the Summer fun Bus, who will soon be heading off on her Blog tour journey.

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