What could be in the Teacher's bag?

‘Carrying stuff around is the new leaving it where it is’.

As supply teaching starts up again it was time to get my teaching bag ready to go.

But what would I need?

Here are three essential things for my supply teaching bag.

A Badge: -

When you get to a given school you have to sign the visitors book.

You are then given a badge, a sticker (which falls off) or a lanyard.

It often says ‘Supply Teacher’ or ‘Visitor’. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a badge, sticker or a lanyard, it doesn’t tell you anything other than ‘I’m not usually here’.

But the children want to know who you are.

If there is a white board, I can write my name on there. Name badge

But often there is nowhere not in use.

I’ve now made my own name badge. I’ve had so many comments to say what a good idea, not just for the children but the adults too.

Every morning as I set off, I make sure I have my name badge, (my Lego ear-rings) and I’m ready for school.

Marking Pens: -

Each school has a different marking system.

Colours of pens are usually green and pink or pink and green. (but which is good and which is to improve?)

In one school they used an orange pen rather than the pink because pink did not show up.

Then there’s the purple pen; sometimes used by you and sometimes by the children for self-marking.

You might also need: A red pen or a blue pen and of course a black pen for the paper register – unless it is early years which might be green.

Sometimes there are even different colours for the four and the five year olds in reception!

It can be very confusing!

The pens are often available but sometimes they are not.

Pencil casesSo, just in case, I carry two pencil cases of my own (Lego of course).

The first case has all the colours I might need.

The second case has a set of rainbow Lego pens which join together.Lego Pens

The only trouble is? I ask the class to guess and think about the colours I might use.

The answer is… no pink and no purple. – hence needing both pencil cases.

I’ve also been to a school which uses highlighter pens. I think maybe I need to look for a set of Lego highlighter pens? And maybe another pencil case?

Books to read 

Initially I was advised to take 2 books. One to read to the older children and one for the younger children.

Something to fall back on or to read if there is time.

Initially I used these books but sometimes the class already knew the stories or there might not be quite enough time.

So, I started telling stories – ‘The Weather Witch’ started here as she could be adapted to fit into any gap.

With the younger children it was looking at the photographs of Daisy Daydream in my history book and identifying the nursery rhymes, which we could then sing.

When my first story book was published, I was able to share this book, it was certainly not a story the children already knew. With the back story it could fit in any gaps.

I also left a copy of then book,  Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus', in each school as I left.

More recently I have stopped reading my books in schools as I hoped to leave this for ‘author days’.

But schools are far too busy or preoccupied, which is a shame as an author visit is a valuable experience offering support with reading and writing as well as the opportunity to get a signed book of their own.

Something very important at the moment.

“Meeting an author, illustrator, poet or storyteller in real life and hearing them convey their passion for their work can fundamentally alter a child or young person's relationship to books and ignite a life-long love of reading. An author visit can contribute to the recommendations in the 'Moving English Forward' OFSTED report. This encourages schools to develop policies to promote reading for enjoyment."

Indie Author booksI do still read or talk about my books but have now got a few books from indie authors I know. They are signed and I am able to talk a little about each of the authors as well as promote their work.

Stories and books that are different from the norm and probably not in their book box.Indie authors

Find out about a few more Indie authors during Indie Authors Week 12th - 19th June 2021

I think i might need a few more books for my teacher bag.

Rose English

Indie Author Week UK 2021 12th - 19th June

Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books

Amazon.co.uk     Amazon.com     Waterstones    

Barnes&Noble    Foyles (amongst others)

Don't forget to look and ask in your local Museum, book shop or even buy on your Sainsburys on line shop!

Schools and museum discount code available on request.

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