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After several months of planning and preparation the author booking came along, Kennington Primary Academy. Mr Newland, the teacher organising the event, had been busy with lots of teacher things too, such as OFSTED, Moderation and planning. I am sure the event had been tricky to sort out but finally the day was here.

The school was a long way away and maybe further than I would normally go but I was glad to be invited. I was pleased not only that the school had taken some books for their library but had also offered the children the opportunity to get their own signed copy of a book.

Which book would you choose?With the pre-ordered books signed and ready, I drove the long journey to Kenningtons Primary Academy in Essex.

I remember once taking the Playbus under the Dartford Tunnel on the way to Newcastle. Even though we knew the tunnel was tall my children and I ducked our heads as the bus drove into the tunnel.

Today was not the eleven hours to Newcastle on a bus, but the 50-minute drive in a car with bus books. (A bus story there I think - yep, always a bus!)

The school was easy to find and I managed to drive safely past the children on their safety walk, without running them over, and into the car park.

Today not a supply teacher undertaking the lessons set but today an ‘author hat’ sharing my writing experiences.

It would be 3 sessions in the afternoon starting with year 2, year 1 and ending with year 6.

Not quite sure what happened to years 2 to 5?

Carrying my books from class to class, and with a power-point presentation to show, I was able to share the background to my story writing. With Key Stage one we shared a story while in Year 6 they wanted to know more about the process and experiences of being an author.

The children certainly seemed both excited and interested to learn about the real Playbus and asked some thoughtful questions.

The questions from Year 6 quite thoughtful and maybe not what I was expecting them to ask.

One boy shared his writing with me at the end of the day it was good to hear his enthusiasm and love of writing.

Perhaps the class might write a letter or two as I am sure there are more questions they might like to ask and certainly more questions I might be able to answer.

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