The Grinch came to our school

One cold wet day

He said no-one should have any fun

He stole our Christmas away!


He said that children must work,The Grinch came to school

Every single one

They've come to school to learn to write

And not to have much fun.


He looked into the cupboardsRudolph Dog

And inspected every book

He tutted to himself

And gave a dirty look.


The children felt very sad

But did as they were told

They carried on regardless

They were brave and they were bold.The children were sad


Their PE was full of dancing

They even learnt to sing

The joy was there for all to see

You couldn’t fault a thing.


The Grinch came back to watchThe Grinch

To see what they had done

He took one look and said

"You must invite everyone."


So, Christmas came regardless

Not with ribbons, bells or bows

It came from children’s hearts

As every parent knows.


Who remembers the joy of the Christmas Play?

Oh No! said Jacquie, "Think of me rehearsing 2 nativities! Joseph is ill so Mary is a single parent!"

Oh No! the teacher is away, who knows what to do?

The Christmas PlayI've certainly seen a few different productions under way on my supply teaching journey. I never quite see the end production but giggle as I remember the minor disasters in our play. At least I am no longer in charge.

Most of all, difficult though it can be, it is always fantastic seeing a school prepared to put on a production for the parents. It is indeed one of those, "Lovely", moments.

Don't let them take it away!

Indeed the advisors did try to take ours away BUT it came just the same!

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