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Recycling Truck

While supply teaching in a local school I had the opportunity to tell David’s story.

I was covering a Year 4 class.


Oh, No!

The computers didn’t work. The passwords had all been reset but no-one had told this class.

What could we do now?

There was only one thing for it.

Tell a story.

I didn't have the book but did have my coloured woolly hat in my bag and decided I would tell the story. David's Bobble Hat

I put up the cover image of the book from my website and told them about my brother and how he would play with his toys.

At the end I suggested they should perhaps write a review.

I love hearing what the children say but you don’t often get a chance to share your story books on supply.

I love their pictures too.

The children loved hearing the story and here is what they said: -

(Julaine) ‘she liked the story because it was different to other books she had heard, like Cinderella.”

Year 4 at Forgewood(Kaycie), “I liked how he wanted to be a bin man but he was too small.”

(Harlen) “David was not old enough for school.”

(Nathan), “What I liked about the story was that David saw the bin man throwing rubbish into the trucks and then David had the idea to throw stuff away what was on the floor.”

(Mason) “Always look behind the settee when you lose something because the bin man will put it there if it’s on the floor.”

(Oscar) “I liked how David threw that letter in the bin and then found out it was from the bank.”Year 4 Forgewood

(Lucas) “I loved the part when David dumped all of the rubbish behind the sofa.”

(Jamie) “I liked the hat.”

(Asirah) “When you told the story I saw the pictures in my head. You learn not to leave your things on the floor.”

(Lilah) “It’s quite funny how he throws everything on the floor away.”

(Taylor) “I think the book very imaginative and funny.”

Year 4 Forgewood(Molly) “David went around the house tidying things lying on the floor. When everyone came home they were confused.”

(Naomi) “David picked up everything that was on the floor and put it in the bin.”

(Harper) “The thing I liked about the book was David put the small stuff in the bin. Oh, and keep your things away from David.”

Reading the book

The following Thursday, when my grandson came to play, the book had arrived and he wanted to listen to the story.

Alexander and David's bookHe is only two but listened to it all and even wanted it to be read a second time.

We have on occasion watched and heard the bin men going past.

He prefers diggers at the moment.

My brother loved watching too and his playtime fun was the inspiration behind the story.

What will you play with today?

Dennis Trucks  Dennis Eagle Recycling Truck

Children always love playing with cars and trucks.

Many recycling trucks in Britain are called ‘Dennis’

(Other truck manufacturers are available)

The British specialist vehicle manufacturer, Dennis Eagle, build refuse trucks.

They once built fire engines, lorries (trucks), buses, and municipal vehicles such as the recycling trucks.

They also built buses: I like that.

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