The Friendship Stop

Where would you go if you were feeling sad?

While visiting a school on my teacher journey, a young girl came back into class and was upset that her playtime had not been very happy.

It was time to finish snacks and during that time I began to talk to the children about the ‘Friendship stop’, I have seen this in schools and asked if they had such an area in their school. Theirs was called a ‘Buddy Bench’, an area where anyone who was feeling sad could go and sit. Maybe someone might come along and help them.Bus Stop

Drawing a few sketches I told them that although my bus had a bus stop sign, it did not have a bench, because the playbus was the place you could sit inside and reflect. It was a friendship stop for parents as well as children, a safe and calm haven.

The children heard a little about the bus but not the story.

Year 1. The English task was for the children to free write: - they could either write a simple 4 page book; draw and write a story plan or write a recipe. The choice was theirs and they could choose their writing frame.

Off they went.

(Perhaps we would end up with a class of authors!)

I was so surprised to find that a few of them had written their own bus stories.

Super busA Fun bus

Once upon a time there was a fun bus and it was not an ordinary bus it was fun to go on.

When all the children got on they had some fun and there was a sand pit and there was some play dough.

There was face paint and dressing up too.

The Lost Bus

The bus was lost, it was lost in the cave.

It was spooky, it crashed.

A bat flew over the cave and the lost bus got out of the cave.

He was safe.

The driver danced in the light it was safe.

The funny BusA funny bus

The bus fell in a hole.

The bus was stuck.

Then a tow truck came along and he fell in the hole too.

The tow truck pulled himself up.

 A friendly busThe lost bus

One day there was a lost bus, nobody could find him.

He was dirty and muddy.

A girl came she saw the clouds and she said she could make the rain to wash the bus.

Now the bus was clean and somebody found him.

The PlaybusA fun bus!

He arrived at school, the driver slid down the slide.

The driver said ‘Welcome to the Playbus’.

“Wow”, said all the children.

It had lots of toys in it, you could paint, you could make lots of real robots.

Clunk, Clunk.

Then a tow truck came to see it he thought it was fantastic.

But the bus was even happier because he was famous!

Well they certainly had some good ideas! Well done Year 1

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