Reception to Year 5

It is always nice to visit a school and tell them a little about the books.

If we have the time we look through the photographs and talk about the real bus, then I sometimes have the chance to read the story book.

Bus FlagOn a recent booking with Year Reception some of the children wanted to create a collage. Reminded me of some flags we once made on the bus!

In a Year 5 class they asked me to read them the book and then they asked lots of questions, some of them wrote book reviews.

Questions usually asked by the children:-

Questions are usually about what is true or not.

Why is he called 'Jay-Jay'?

Because his real number plate was JJK 261

Who did the illustrations?

Bus FlagI would love to say it was me but I only drew a rough story board. I got an agent 'Artful Doodlers' to put my ideas into illustration.

Did Jay-Jay really visit the Queen?

No, but he did get an award from the Queens Silver Jubilee. (I can show them the photo of the award here from the Playbus book). He actually went to Arundel Castle to recieve the award but when my book was being edited my son suggested Jay-Jay should go to Buckingham Palace and the illustration would be of the palace.

"But he didn't go to Buckingham Palace", I had said.

"It's a story!" he replied. "Most children will know Buckingham Palace, but they won't know Arundle Castle."

He was right.

Have you written any other books?

Yes, I have actually written eight story books.

Five were written for a mobile book-bus in Scotland and they were ready to go, but the project has kept dawdling along so I decided to go ahead and concentrate on getting Jay-Jay completed! Two more are also for other mobiles, but it was the story of Jay-Jay that was the closest to my heart, although it is not actually the 'Playbus' story that I know, that story is still in my head.

Year 5 book reviewYear 5 Reviews 

I like it because it had a happy ending. it was also brilliant because it was a true story. (Georgie)

I thought the story was very nice. Its a true story with bits added into it. The pictures are very well presented. I also like Jay-Jays number plate. (Rachel)

When sue wickstead read the class 'Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus' I thought it was really interesting. I loved how the ending said 'with more adventures to come'. I also liked how it is based on a true story but written in fiction so it is easier to read. I hope that there will be more Play bus's in the future. (Dara)

Book review Year 5I really like the book it's amazingly written. I really liked the part where the Queen gives him a medal. (Lewis)

I really loved the story, and the book left me wanting to read more. What did the queen say when handing out the medal? (Holly)

I thought Jay-Jay was a brilliant idea and an exciting idea for little children. I also liked the bit when he was listening to the conversation and the deal was done, then he got really excited when they shook hands. (Charlie)

I really enjoyed the book. It was interesting about the Playbus and how it first started. It sounded fun with all the games inside. It looks nice on the outside. I loved the part where he went to the Queen. (Harry)

Supersonic BusI never heard a story like that. I really liked it. I liked when he got to see the Queen and when he was first in the scrap-yard. (George)

Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books     Waterstones    

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Don't forget to look and ask in your local Museum, book shop or even buy on your Sainsburys on line shop!





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