The Rain in Spain

Moors and Christians Fiesta


A trip to Spain to see 'The Moors and Chriatians' Fiesta.

But first the weather decided to pu on a show of its own!

You said you needed the rain!?

Rain in spainYou said you needed the rain.

I brought you the rain.

Watching as the clouds built on the distant hills.

Greyer and greyer slowly moving closer by the minute.

Clouds sat on the distant mountain tops, making them disappear from view.

They began to swirl.

Which way were they heading?

You could not quite tell.

Still, the progress of the storm was slow,

A coolness preceded.

The hilltops disappeared and reappeared like nature’s magic trick.

The clouds became darker and more ominous.

A streak of light broke the clouds apart

And the grey clouds continued to build.

In the far distance, a fork of lightning split the black cloud.

Yet there was no following boom of thunder.

How far away could it be?

The clouds continued to advance now quite quickly.

With a loud rumble the storm was advancing.

The rain falling in the distance, the grey clouds drew nearer.

Loud cracks of thunder and lightning echoed around.

People were running past as the rain began to fall.

Suddenly the wind and the rain were here.rain in spain

Great splats of rain dropped as with a gust of wind the swirling clouds dropped the mother lode.

Heavy icy hailstones hit the ground with force.

Blowing winds splashed the rain through the open door.

A grey curtain of rain blocked the view as it fell

Torrents of water flowed the dry ground.

Racing onwards, bringing flowers and leaves in its flow.

The earth supped up what it could.

Ducks enjoying the rain in spainGradually, through the greyness, the world began to reappear once more.

A coolness and a calm returned.

Well, you said you wanted the rain. 

So here it is.

Can we borrow some of your sunshine?


The ducks enjoyed it and so did I, watching the progress of the storm.

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