The Colour of the Fiesta

Corsairs de la Reina


My aunt Vera introduced me to Spain in 1974 when she and her husband bought a place in retire.

Over the years with my family, we visited the area many times.

I continued to visit Javea as often as I could. Mainly for a holiday but also to visit Vera.

She had a lovely place but we were surprised when suddenly she decided to move to the small fishing village of Moraira nearby.

We saw many changes to the village but it still retained its Spanish charm. It was a special place for my mum who could visit many times, with friends or on her own, with her sister nearby. Most of all mum would make sure that she visited for the many fiesta celebrations, which the village was very good at putting on.

My mum continued to visit each year for the Moors and Christians event in June.

When I left full-time teaching, I was able to go along and I fell in love with the event and have continued to visit too.

My creative writing prompt was 'A Splash of Colour', this years Fiesta was certainly that.

A splash of colour

2024 fiesta fila caballerosThe sleepy town bathed in sunshine.

It’s a calm and restful place.

Nothing seems to be in a hurry.

Smiles and greetings from those you meet.


Meanwhile, there is a stir,

With preparations for a special event,

Lights adorn the streets

Flags flutter in the warm breeze.


Yet still the town seems to sleep on

Until a sound of music fills the air

Drums playing, trumpets sounding

Around the corner march parades of people.2024 fiesta fila red


Each dressed in their respective colours

Red; orange; yellow; green; blue and turquoise;

Following their banner and their leader

The splash of colour passes by.


2024 fiesta fila lilacThe groups march on, music playing

Faces turn to watch the troupes pass by

Then on come those with their blunderbusses

Loud bangs that split the silence.2024 fiesta guns


The Fiesta is about to begin.

With re-enacted battles; fireworks and music

People fill the days with partying

Celebrations that bring the town to life.


Now the last act is almost here

A grand parade with the finest costumes

Robes and weaponry; masks and helmets

Fancy feathered head dresses.

 2024 fiesta 2

Painted faces, glitter and sparkle

As happiness fills the air

Music and the marching feet lead onwards.

With fireworks the Fiesta ends.


As morning comes once more2024 fiesta

The sleepy town enjoys sunshine.

The calm and restful place returns

Until another year.


It certainly was a fun event and I did at least get a bit of writing done.

Some of my books have Spanish Links too.

A Spooky Tale


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