What will your key unlock at the library?

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'A library is the tunnel where you can escape. It has the key. All the great knowledge in the world is there you can just lift it up. Books are your free ticket to  the entire earth.'(Billy Connolly)

An author at the library.

'Whenever you visit us you make the building buzz and it transforms the place.

We have had 'grown ups' our regulars that have pasted positive comments such as: - 'lovely to see the children so engaged'


' I sneaked a look into the Children's Library to see what was going on and saw drawing, talking and lots of happy faces'.

It's worth all the hard work in organising such events just to see the Library being used as a Library: 

It is good to see so many children being spellbound by being able to meet and talke to  a 'real' author'. It makes it a special time to remember and believe me children do remember such times.

It also gives the children time to browse our wonderful shelves that are packed with volumes of pure imagination; a place to explore or a new experience to feel or even to make an enlightening discovery that might make for great content in a project piece for school.

There have been many occasions when speaking with teaching staff that they have expressed their thanks when we have class visits to our Library.

It offers another tangent, teaching resource and shows local partnerships for the good of the community, without which families would not know what a terrific place of information their local Library is.

But really, to have authors that avail themselves to a Library Service and the public beyond is a wonderful experience for everyone, and as for reading there is a saying: ' You're never alone when you're reading a book'.

So, thank heavens for authors and Libraries as they make the world a far less lonely and hostile place.'

(Tina Campey.LNA at Redhill Library)

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