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It is always great to hear the children’s opinion and after hearing the story the Year3/4 class wrote a book review.

A bus for ChildrenRianna said, “There was a little bus. He is left at the bus dump. One day some children went to the bus dump and they play on Jay-Jay the bus. Some adults came and looked at Jay-Jay and they took him to Gatwick Aiirport. They made the bus into a ‘Playbus’ and lots of children came to play on him".

Jay-Jay isn’t a normal bus, it’s a ‘Playbus’ for children and it is a Supersonic Bus with rainbow toys”, said Dolly.

Fred remembered, “The book is about a bus called Jay-Jay. His number plate was JJK261. Upstairs there were cars, teddies and books. Downstairs there was a sandpit and arts and crafts too.” He liked it when the bus was happy and the children played on him because he had company. Fred’s’ bus would have music, teddies, action figures and remote control cars.Children's Bus

Gracie said that “Jay-Jay was a great ‘Playbus’ and all the children love to play on him. Downstairs is the messy bit and upstairs is the clean bit”.

Matthew remembered that “Jay-Jay used to be a clean bus but he was left to rust in the garbage heap”.

Aidan thought the best bit was “That the children could have something to do instead of just sitting down on a bus and going on a boring journey, the children get to play on it and get to go on cool journeys for children.” His bus would be a multi-coloured bus to make it look really, really entertaining.

A Science BusIsabella would have a noisy science bus! ‘Boom! Whiz! Bang! Fizz!’ She said, “The story is about Jay-Jay who has the best adventure ever! For extra info”, she added, “Downstairs there’s messy stuff and upstairs there is dressing up and cars. The bus number plate is JJK261”. Her best bit was when Jay-Jay tried to fly. She thought maybe next time she would change the scrap yard to the sea so he could visit the beach then when he gets rusty he can get a new paint job.

Leo said, “They took out all of the seats and filled it with arts and crafts, toys and paper. The children could play on him and they had fun” He thought the best bit was when they were building him at the Airport.

Amelia said she would not change anything but maybe put on some cuddly toys and Lego. “The story was about a bus called Jay-Jay and he was in a rubbish dump. A man saw him and bought him and they went to the Airport. He was cleaned and painted, then he drove to the children and they played on him.”Playbus

Luke would call his bus ‘Jeff’ but I don’t know why. He thought he would change his visit to an island adventure! Hmm! Does he know that is the next book? He said “The story is about a normal bus that goes to an airport and it is a ‘Playbus’. Lots of kids can play in the ‘Playbus’ Upstairs there are soft toys, and downstairs there is sand, paint, glue and scissors.” He thought the best bit was that it was not a normal bus.

Isabella B explained that, “At the beginning Jay-Jay was taken to the scrap yard then he got converted at Gatwick Airport. In the bus there is a slide with a sand pit, paint and glue. Upstairs it was calm and fun.” She thought maybe he could visit different places like a jungle or visit a temple.

A Fun BusJames also agreed that maybe Jay-Jay could go to more places. He liked it that Jay-Jay was not a normal coloured bus. He said, “The children played on him but then they had to go to school so some younger children played on him instead.”

Mack liked the bus because it was a playgroup and not boring. He thought maybe his new story setting could be going to a school or an island. He would put a place on the outside of the bus where children could paint. His own exciting bus would have a rock wall and a slide with water. This sounds fun.

Children PlayElliott said, “Have an adventure with a Supersonic bus getting played on and getting a medal from the Queen! He gets saved from a scrap-yard and tries to fly.” Elliott liked it when Jay-Jay was made into a ‘Playbus’ and he had children to play on him. He thought maybe in the next story he could fly and then he could fly to everyone so they could play on him.

Henry said, “Jay-Jay wasn’t normal he was a ‘Playbus’ and he was multi-coloured. He was once a rusty bus and they threw out the chairs and filled him with toys. He even got a medal from the Queen. Perhaps next time he could go to an island?” He suggested.

George also thought next time Jay-Jay could visit an island. He said “Jay-Jay isn’t a normal bus, he is a Supersonic Bus. He is really colourful and the children love him.” He liked it when Jay-Jay is converted into a Supersonic Bus.

Bus DesignAnita said, “I like this book because it is really exciting and everyone would like to read it. Also I like that the bus was in Bewbush where the builders were building and they thought that it was dangerous so they made Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus for the children to play on.” She thought maybe he could visit another country or another place. She explained “I like the bus because it was a colourful and playful place for the children when the builders were building.”

Isabella C said, “Jay-Jay used to be in a scrap-yard. He is given a new life with the children. The children love to play. The ‘Playbus’ has a slide, a saA Playbus for Childrennd pit, paint and puzzles.” She liked it when Jay-Jay got a medal from the Queen.

Luke said, “The story was about a bus that broke down and went to a scrap-yard. One day some children came to play on him, a man chased them away. Then someone bought him and fixed him and painted him. He went to schools and goes around everywhere. He even got a medal from the Queen.” Luke liked it the most when he got sent to Buckingham Palace and got a big, grand, shiny medal. He thought he would change instead of the airport that Jay-Jay would go to a garage to get fixed.

A bus for ChildrenSophie remembered that Jay-Jay is lonely in the scrap-yard. She said, “He is played with in the yard but the manager said ‘No!’ then Jay-Jay got picked to help children who have no safe playground to play in.” She liked it that he is happy with the children and he is not lonely anymore.

Sinead said, “Jay-Jay drives to the park to meet all the children they get to play on him. At the bottom of the bus there were messy things like glue, paper, sand, upstairs there is a dressing up room.” She liked it when he got his gold medal and when the children loved to play on the slide.

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