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On my Supply Teaching journey it is nice to go back and meet the children again, maybe even a year on and a little older.

At the airportIt is good to know that there is a copy of the first ‘Jay-Jay’ book somewhere in the school. They might even have heard the story.

On a recent school visit I asked the class if they might like to hear the new book. "Yes," they all cried.

The book was at this time loose papers with the black and white pictures so I was able to tell them a little about the publishing process and the current stage in the books development. It would be tricky to read as the print was small but reading aloud gives me the chance to experience the book too. I am not as confident yet with this story so it would give me opportunity to try it out.Supersonic

The class listened with interest and respect and afterwards I asked if they might like to write a book review, draw a picture or just let me know their opinion.

It is after all the children I write for.

The Story line

Jay-Jay the Supersonic BusEmily said, “Jay-Jay goes on an adventure to an island and he takes lots of pirate items. He meets children that have never seen a double decker bus before. Jay-Jay stays for a week then he leaves and he thinks about his next adventure.” Emily really enjoyed the book and gave it five stars. (Thank you, Emily.) “My favourite part was when Jay-Jay had the children on board and they were having fun. I think Jay-Jay should go on a Space Adventure next.”

“The story was about Jay-Jay going on an adventure to an island,” said Kai. ”He made the kids happy. I really liked it because I like adventure books.”

Evelin said, “It’s about Jay-Jay who is a Playbus and he goes around and lets the children play. He goes to an island to meet new children and they have never seen a double-decker bus or a Playbus (on their island). I loved it because I love Jay-Jay.

Sophie said, “This book is all about a bus that goes on an island adventure. In the story Jay-Jay went on a ferry and felt sick but he got to the island okay and he made all the children happy. I liked this book because it is fun and happy.”

Lewis liked the bit when Jay-Jay went on the boat.

“This book is all about Jay-Jay going on an island to see the kids and to play with them,” explained Shania. “He had a great time and wants to go again. I really enjoyed the part when he wanted to go on a space adventure and I think next book should be about him going on a space adventure with his friend the rocket.” (Yay! Whoo hoo! The kids love him.)Yay! They cry.

“Jay-Jay is not a normal bus he is a Playbus,” said Chelsea and Toni-Kay, “In this book he goes on a pirate adventure.

“It is Jay-Jays first time on the island and he makes new friends. I really liked it because it was really interesting.” Said Runy.

Bailey thought the pictures were clear and beautiful. (Hopefully they will be even more beautiful when they are in colour Bailey.)

Supersonic Bus“I think this book is great for young children,” said Callum. It’s about a Supersonic bus who lets children have fun and explore, he goes to a pirate island.”

George liked this book and he thought his sister might like it too. Maybe it is a book George could read to his sister?

Lloyd thought the book was a little young for him and that buses were not very interesting but maybe Jay-Jay’s next adventure could be him visiting a zoo.

Louise said she liked the book because she likes fun adventure books to read and to go on. “The book is about a bus named Jay-Jay going on an adventure on an island. He meets new people and gets new friends. He hopes to go on an adventure to Space next.”

Luke really liked the book too.A Space Adventure next?

“Will Jay-Jay go on a Space Adventure?”

Children's ideasWell I suppose I will have to think about that one!

In the meantime I just love sharing the story and seeing the children's pictures!

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