Keys for Creative Writing

Creative Keys

Over the last few years, I have joined a few writing groups.

One of the groups I attended would invite people to lead, it took me a white but eventually I felt brave enough to give it a go.


A previous meeting my daughter had said to meet her in the library.

Hogswart banners“Where will I find you?” I asked.

“In the Crime section.” was her reply.

With this in mind I asked everyone to introduce themselves and to say which part of the library they might be found.

Task One, The keys

I began with a quote from Sir Billy Connolly CBE

A library is the tunnel where you can escape.

It has the key.

All the great knowledge in the world is there, you can just lift it up.

Books are your ticket to the entire earth.”

keysSo, with this quote to start and a box of keys all shapes and sizes, some with or without keyrings;

I asked each person to pick a key.

We then had 20 minutes to write a story that the keys might inspire.

I had used the keys before with children in school but was not expecting the responses this would bring with the adult group.

Somehow the reality of each key or bunch of keys opened up real emotions amongst those present and the emotional tears flowed.

We were able to share and listen to each of the responses.

keys oldKeys part two

After a short break my second task was still keys but this time, I had one big bunch of ornamental old keys.

These were more like goal keys and I wondered what writing these might inspire.

keys old5They did bring a different response and I was pleased in the writing to see one writer giggling away to herself, so at least no tears with this one.

When it came to the reading however, the writer was unable to read it as it was felt too raunchy. But at least it brought merriment.

For me, I was able to write a story which will certainly fit in my weather witch collection (when it gets written)

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