“Is the book finished yet?” asked Year 6.

Although not yet complete, at the end of the day, I asked if the class might like to write an honest review of the book for younger readers.

I always love hearing what the children say and think.

Thea:- Jay-Jay sets off to an island adventure and when he gets onto the boat he feels very sick but it is totally worth it!

I absolutely loved this book because it is so magical especially when he felt warm because of the children’s love. I hope you make another book about Jay-Jay maybe the space adventure. It I wrote this book I would feel very proud so you should be proud! (Thank you Thea)

Amie:- Jay-Jay travels to an island but doesn’t feel well on the journey. When he arrives all the children play on him and he feels happy. He then goes back to another place to visit.

I think it’s a good book for younger children. The best part is at the end when he is thinking about all the other adventures he can have.

For your next book I like the idea of a carnival. Jay-Jay could be part of the show but breaks down and everyone is annoyed with him. But then a person who used to go on him ages ago comes back and helps him. He could ride with Jay-Jay through the carnival procession. They could be the stars of the show! (Hmmm! I think there are some good ideas here, Amie. Perhaps you read my mind)

Abiya:- I really enjoyed hearing this book because I have never heard about a vehicle being treated like a human. This book would be suitable for children 5-7; my sister would love this book. Jay-Jay is completely unique. Although I normally don’t like picture books, this one I liked.

Kalem:- I love the book because it tells you a story about Benji the actual bus who went across the sea and to an island. Although the book may not be for my age, I still enjoyed listening to this book. (Yes Kalem, the real island adventure was Benji who went across to the Shetland Isles in Scotland)

Dawid:- It is about Jay-Jay going on a boat and getting his exhaust pipe broken but luckily Alex fixed him. When he got there all the children were excited and happy.

I think the best bit was when he got on the island and the children ran up and were extremely happy.

Owen: - Jay-Jay the bus travels to an island to find more friends but was scared and didn’t feel well. He then felt better and made new friends.

I liked the book because it was imaginative but I think younger children would like it a lot because it is cool.

My favourite part is the boat trip.

Mohammed:- Jay-Jay goes on a pirate adventure on an island and meets some friends but an accident occurs on the way!!

I really like the pirates and how the kids played on Jay-Jay because it is a change of scene.

Sam:- It’s about Jay-Jay a bus that goes over the sea to an island so children can play on him. He has some problems on the way but he gets over it with resilience with the help of his driver, Alex.

I thought the bit where he said his bottom was hurting, was funny, because I’m childish so that’s why I like it!

Vraj:- Jay-Jay travels to an island to get some more visitors. Then Jay-Jay and the children have a pirate adventure.

I liked the story because it was based on a true story and it was unique. It showed how imaginative the bus was.

I think you could change a few sentences…. Thank you Vraj I did.

Sophia:- I have rated this book 5 stars because this book is interesting and the fact it is a true story. I like that you put pirates in, pirates are for any age and that is good.

Scarlett:- The storyline is about this bus called Jay-Jay who visits all the children in different villages, but is nervous about going on a boat to visit some children who live on an island but who have never seen a bus. But they have heard about Jay-Jay and how good he is.

I enjoyed it and I think a lot of younger children would enjoy it too because it’s quite adventurous!

Julia:- Jay-Jay is worried about going to an island, but when he gets there he has lots of fun and the children play with him.

My favourite part was when all the children played with Jay-Jay, because it’s a happy part and Jay-Jay wasn’t worried anymore.

Emanuely:- Jay-Jay goes to an island by ship and on the way he was quite worried but fortunately he gets there safely. He encounters children who play with him and he has lovely time. He soon goes home with nice memories.

I enjoyed the story although it is aimed for smaller children. I liked that Jay-Jay compares his journey to pirates, it makes Jay-Jay think like a child which is quite cute. I think kids younger than 8 will enjoy the story.

Rachel:- This book is about Jay-Jay exploring an island.

My favourite part is when Jay-Jay is thinking of all the pirate adventures he will have because it gives some non-reality parts to the book.

For the next book, I think he should be taken to another country on and aeroplane. Maybe the plane can break down and needs to be repaired. (I will have to think about this.)

Yes the book is aimed at a younger age range which is why I appreciated the honest comments. I think I will need to make sure the new book goes to Pound Hill Middle School with thanks!

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