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David playing
David playing


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Elaine Brent - Splashes into books

David watches the bin men coming down the street

And thinks their job is kind of neat.

When they’ve gone he takes on their role

And goes around on litter patrol.

 Bin men coming down the street

What a brilliant, colourful and inspiring book this proved to be

Where playtime adventures lead to family mystery!

With descriptive language and illustrations, too

This is a great children’s book to share and view.


Role play has an important part for children who

Need different experiences and imagination too.

The vocabulary used will help inspire

Choosing words for effect as they desire.

 Waving at the bin men

A fun story, great and funny too

I highly recommend this young children’s book to you.

What a lovely, attractive book it proved to be

I hope you’ll take a look and agree!

 David's book

For my complimentary copy of this book, I say thank you,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.


My reply

Aww. David’s review was simply great,
It arrived on time and certainly not late.
It’s a role play day that won’t fail,
To make you smile as you read the tale.

The bin lorry

David was such a cheeky boy,
Giggling along as he played with his toys.
Mr Benn was his hero on TV
It inspired his imagination as you can see.

As if by magic he took on a part,
Just like Mr Benn his adventure would start
All it took was a bobble hat on his head,
Then he took on a role and became someone else instead.

David the bin man

So glad you enjoyed this book,
Let’s hope others will take a look.
April will open with a Bin Man Day
Where will you be and what will you say?


Don't you jus love it when your story inspires someone to write their own poem?


Watch out David is playing again. ;David's Bathtime'.

He really was a comical little brother and loved to play..


 David's Bathtime

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