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Sometimes when you are visiting a school the work is clearly set and easy to follow, but sometimes you just have to be prepared for the unexpected and think of another plan!

So, when the lesson was ICT and we found the laptops had not been charged it was time to think of an alternative plan.

Tell them about your book suggested the another teacher.

The Year 4 class listened to the background to the story writing, after hearing the ‘Jay-Jay’ story one girl commented loudly, “ That’s amazing!” so I thought it would be good to get a few book reviews from them.

Quickly we found a plan sheet to use and in a small amount of time I asked the children to write a review.

I have heard their comments and praise before but had never had it written down.

What was the storyline, what did you like dislike?

year 4“It is about Jay-Jay, a bus who is in a scrap yard and it is turned into a ‘Playbus’ for children. I liked everything.” Poppy.

“Jay-Jay is a bus who lives in a scrap yard. One day some people came and brought Jay-Jay. He got taken to Gatwick airport to get turned into a children’s ‘Playbus’. It was amazing and exciting. I liked it when they put a slide on the bonnet.” Theo.

“There is a bus called Jay-Jay and at first he is at a scrap yard, but then three men came and bought him and coloured him in so kids could play with him. The best bit was when he got an award from the Queen. It was amazing.” Annie.

The storyline is about “ A bus who was dumped at a scrap yard and gets bought and turned into a ‘Playbus’ for children. The best part: I liked all of the book.” Erin.

Year 4“It’s about a bus called Jay-Jay who is at a junk yard, then 3 people buy him and take him to an airport to become a ‘Playbus’. The best part: I liked the part when the three people buy Jay-Jay.” Edward.

“This story is about an old bus at a scrap yard and he had no petrol. Little children played on him but the scrap yard person who worked there told them to get off (he was too dangerous). He went to the airport to get painted to look better. The best part was when he got painted because he was really happy that he was eye catching. I didn’t like to when the scrap yard person told the children off.” Reece.

“The story is about Jay-Jay who is in a scrap yard for a long time and the children came and started to play on him. People came and took Jay-Jay away to Gatwick Airport to become a ‘Playbus’. He had bright colours and the children got to go on it but when it was school time he was sad and happy. My favourite part was when Jay-Jay got to be a fun ‘Playbus’. I didn’t like it when Jay-Jay got to be in the scrap yard.” Hannah.

“There’s a bus called Jay-Jay. He gets taken to a scrap yard, he gets bought and taken to Gatwick Airport and redesigned and then becomes a ‘Playbus’ for the children. The best bit was Jay-Jay felt happy and important again. I liked all of it. I liked how the story came to life.” Isabella.

The story line is, there was a bus that felt quite old and was in the dump. Three people came and bought him, they took him to the airport and he got made into a ‘Playbus’. My best bit is where they painted Jay-Jay and made him a ‘Playbus’.” Maddie P.

Year 4“When a rusty old bus gets sent to a scrap yard people come and take him to an airport and repair him. He gets made into a ‘Playbus’ for kids, with a sandpit, messy corner and much more. What I liked best was when Jay-Jay got turned into a ‘Playbus’ for all of the little children. It was AMAZING!” Emily.

“The story is about a bus that is rescued from a scrap yard (the bus was called Jay-Jay) he went to Gatwick to get prepared to be a ‘Playbus’. All of the children lived him and when the kids got too old for it, it turned into a pre-school. I liked it when it got turned into a ‘Playbus.” Alex.

“Jay-Jay was a bus and one day he felt not as special as normal, he felt old, so he got sent to a place where all the other buses go when they get like him. What i liked best was when he got decorated into a ‘Playbus’. Maddie B.

“Jay-Jay the bus was in a junk yard and he doesn’t think any one will buy him but then someone bought him and he was then a ‘Playbus’. I liked it when the children were playing on the slide and everything else. I didn’t dislike anything about the book.” Sadie.

“The story is about a bus called Jay-Jay who is dumped in a trash yard and one day kids start to play on him so that gave the adults the idea. They took him to Gatwick airport and made him into a ‘Playbus’. I liked it because it all turned out to be a happy ending.” Olivia.

ReviewIt was interesting to see what the children remembered and liked or did not like.

Thank you Year 4, Halsford Park East Grinstead.

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