What would your Playbus be like?

It is always nice to be surprised on my bus journey!

I visited a school where once the Bewbush Playbus had been. It was a long time ago and quite a distant journey so I doubted anyone would remember the bus let alone talk about it so fondly.

The children had the opportunity to design their own bright colourful bus, they gave it a name and filled it with things they wanted to play with.

What would you call your bus?

MesthamMonster fun BusMestham School Year 3

Football Bus

Fire bolt

Super Hero Bus

DD the Dino Bus

Super Defender

The Dragon Mobile

The Super Cool Bus

Year 3 Mestham SchoolIce busMerstam Surrey

Diamond Bus

Super Magic Bus

Super Play-time Bus

The Playmobile

What toys would you put on the bus?

Dolls; dolls house; teddy bears; dinosaurs; action figures (Bat Man, Buzz Lightyear); Cars; animals and farm; fancy dress clothes and hats; Lego; building bricks.

What games would you like to play with?

Monopoly; snakes and Ladders; Jenga; Cludo; chess; Lego Minecraft; operation; Labyrinth; video games (Pokemon, Mario cart); Xbox; Fifa football games.

What books would you like to read?Mestham School Year 3

Roald Dhal; Rainbow Magic; Anthony Brown; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; The Sidermen; Horrid Henry; Where’s Wally; Little Red Riding Hood; Stick with Stampy; Star Wars; The Hobbit; Big Hero; Nursery Rhymes; Football books; Paw Patrol.

What sort of Art and Craft activities would you like to do?

Play dough; painting; pens and paper; pictures to colour; Science experiments; clay.

What would you play with outside?

Footballs; slide; Sand pit; skipping ropes; water play; Climbing wall

What else would you like your bus to have?

Friends to play with; T.V.; Music.

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