Would you accept the Rainbow Challenge?

At the beginning of lockdown, we all looked at ways to lift our spirits, ways to laugh away the darkness.

Tick-toc, Joe Wicks and zoom we took on so many new skills and opportunities.

Anything which could keep us smiling and a way to move through the gloom of covid.

But time and experiences dragged on and we needed more to brighten up the black thunderclouds of fear.


In May 2020 my niece invited me to take part in a rainbow challenge in Instagram.

RainbowsRainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures. They appear as perfect arcs, often during a rainstorm when the sun shines onto water droplets, shattering its white light into an array of brilliant colours.

The idea was to post a photo each day to match the allocated colour.Red Bus

Orange bus bagSome days were quite easy while others posed a bit of a problem. Indigo and Violet were the trickiest colours.sunflower rug

Green LegoIt was great fun for Lockdown and certainly a challenge, I did manage to keep going for the whole month but, of course buses and Lego made a few appearances too.

My niece with baby Ezra, plus his many brightly coloured reusable nappies, led the way.

The challenge started with a rainbow and ended with a double rainbow.

The #maythereberainbows on Instagram certainly was a colourful collection.

Indigo skyIt certainly made me look at the colours all around.

Blue flowers

The rainbow became our hope.

Rainbows became a symbol of hope once again, with the NHS clap on a Thursday, the month seemed to pass by full of rainbow smiles.

rainbow badgeBut the journey has continued with its ups and downs.Violet nightbus

EYFS Posativity Day 

In April I took part in a different Rainbow challenge for EYFS.

Posativity Day – Rainbow colours

I see a shimmering rainbow in the sky full of sparkling colours.

I see the Red as red as a ripe juicy strawberry;Red Leaves

I see an Orange satsuma waiting to be peeled;

I see the bright Yellow sunshine lifting the gloom

red, yellow coloured leavesI see the raindrops sparkling on the Green leaves;

I see Blue skies with fluffy white clouds floating past;

I see the twinkling stars in the night on an Indigo sky;Green, blue leaves

I see deep shades of Violet in the rumbling thunderclouds.

Coloured leavesAnd I smile.

I know the rainbow will soon disappear leaving just a memory.

I wondered whether there was indeed a place over the rainbow where blue birds fly.

But in the meantime.

Let the rainbow challenge keep you going.

Maybe, just like the weather, the covid memory will disappear too.

Let’s hope so.


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