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What is a blog tour?

Sometimes you forget that people don’t always know the jargon you use.

bus book boxAll of my books so far have been on a Blog Tour

Blog tour - a set amount of time in which your book will be promoted across various websites and blogs.

Boats Daisy tourDaisy Daydream Bus Rhymes and Jokes was written a few years ago but I never felt confident enough to send it on a blog tour but with a second Rhyme book ready to publish, I felt maybe Daisy should lead the way. I'm glad I have done as there have certainly been quite a few surprises and great comments along the journey. (Blog tour post to follow)

A Blog Tour

London to IpswichThe blog tour for me gets my book read and reviewed and to hear the opinion of readers. I’ve been pleased to have my books blog tour organized by the lovely Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources.

She invites book bloggers to join the tour; sets a date; a tour banner and allocated readers for each day of the tour. The reviews are then posted on social media, Amazon, Goodreads etc…

Of course, I have had lots of reviews having read my books in schools, I know the children enjoy the story books, but they are not the ones who write the reviews.

We often think we know which books a child might enjoy but sometimes it’s what we enjoy.

Sometimes a child might want the same book over and over again but it is the adult who might tire first.

Reading with Alexander

I’ve recently been sharing a few books with my 3-year-old grandson and I know, because he will sit and listen with interest, when he enjoys the stories, even better when he wants the same book again and again.

water play subMy last book, ‘David’s Bathtime Adventure’, had been on a blog tour.

Alexander listened to the story with interest, he had met the real David (now quite grown up), and loved seeing the bath toys on the last page. In fact, he recognized his boat and his submarine. He thought, he certainly thinks a lot, and we went up to Nanny’s bath where he ended up having a bathtime adventure of his own.

thumb boats water playDaddy gives him a bath before bedtime, which he enjoys, but here his bath was just full of play. He didn’t have to go to bed straight after.

Like all good story books, I’m sure we will share again. We have.

You can read the Blog Tour reviews on each books Blog Tour


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