What do the readers think about 'A Spooky Tale'?

A Spooky Tour

A Spooky Tale was a story I had written with my class many years ago.

We had gone on a walk around the neighbourhood (without the dog,) made notes and taken photos along the way.

Back at school I ended up going home because I was not feeling well. A few days later when I was able to resume my teaching duties the children asked why I’d been absent. Together we started to write a story.

Pond sketchingThe children came up with lots of imaginative ideas and along with the photographs we created our own big book to share in class.

I also had a smaller book which one of my previous students had illustrated for me. It was the illustrated copy which I kept to read to each of my later classes. It was always a favourite.

BridgeThe big book eventually fell apart but I still had the smaller book which I read in another school and was pleased with their reactions.

One of my teacher friends suggested I should publish it and with her encouragement I did.

My friend had left her school due to being diagnosed with cancer but was getting better so I dedicated the book to her.

SwansThe tour was now booked for A Spooky Tale but sadly, a week before the tour my special friend died. However, I know my friend would be pleased with the reactions received from the bloggers involved in the tour.

It was indeed a Spooky journey, and together with Sparky the Dragon Bus, which also has connections to my friend, the week was certainly full of thought provoking comments.

Once again thank you to Rachel Gilbey of ‘Rachel’s Random Resources’ for hosting the tour.

Thank you too, to all the wonderful bloggers who took the time to read and review the book.

Book Reviews:

Bridge over the pond‘A spooktacularly funny story with eye catching and wonderfully detailed full color illustrations.' @Felicity Grace Terry.

‘Another great book from Sue, everywhere the children went on their journey around the village they had to face something scary’, @A story about a girl

‘Fun, imaginative and perfect as a Halloween book for your little one.’ @ Jane Hunt writer.

‘This is another fun-filled, imaginative book from Sue Wickstead that is a joy to share,’ @Frasers Fun House.

‘It’s a lovely, easy to read story with heaps of imagination which we’ve come to expect and love from Sue’s writing,’ @Cup of Toast.

‘The teacher was very scared and this made my boys laugh. Fantastic read.' @Welsh mummy blogs.

Duck observation‘We really enjoyed reading this story together and the chats it has sparked! My son likes magical and fantasy characters and this book has it all.’ @Books and Emma. The twist and turn book blog

‘This makes a great Halloween story, but would also be a fun book to read with students before going on a neighborhood walk,’ @Carla loves to read.

‘A Spooky Tale is a lovely, interactive story book that I’m sure will prove to be very popular with children aged 3 and over this Halloween,’ @Cal Turner Reviews.

‘The hilarious events that take place on the walk and the feisty characters will capture the hearts and minds of adults and children alike,’ @herding cats.

‘It’s fun, attractive and will capture the imagination of the children and families alike,’ @books are my cwitches

Waterfall‘With a great dollop of humor, both through pictures and through the words, young children will enjoy sharing this story,’ @Cat and mouse Reading.

‘The characters are well done and come across naturally, while adding the right amount of personality,’ @Bookworm for Kids

‘This is a story about the power of imagination, of being able to create your own adventures,’ @Short book and scribes.

‘From the beautiful map at the beginning, through each adventure, and the glorious expressions on each character’s face, this is a fun book to read and share,’ @Lauras interests.

‘It’s a great story to read as you can put lots of feeling and effort into the story,’ @Wrong side of Forty

‘Sue Wickstead’s books have a fantastic charm to them that consume the children listening to the story,’ @writing with wolves.

'The story is long enough to be a great story and short enough to keep young children's attention with the pictures being bright and colourful.' @Black Books Blog

Ducks'This book is perfect for young readers who will be entertained by the humorous events involving amongst other things: a dragon,a crocodile, insects, a bear, a wolf and event green aliens! Although, despite the title, the book is not in the least scary.' @Against the flow Press.

'This is definatley one that we will be reading again and I loved the different adventures that they had on the way, it made for an excitingread and one that kept you on your toes!' @Donnas Book blog

Thank you to everyone once again, I am sure my friend would be smiling.

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