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Chrismas Blog Tour

A Blog Tour? What indeed is that?


Huge thanks to Rachel, from 'Rachel’s Random resources', for organising a blog tour for my latest book, ‘The Christmas Play Rehearsal’. It certainly was quite an adventure.

I had never done a blog tour before and did not know what to expect. Rachel managed to slot me in at the beginning of December which was perfect timing.

P1010144The event had been set up for 21 Bloggers, 3 to post a review each day. December certainly started with a Twitter 'PING'.

It was exciting to hear the 'ping' on my mobile phone every time a blogger posted their comments and it was also great to read each review.

Thank you to all the bloggers who took part: - Fraser's Fun House; Rae Reads; YA/NA Book Divas; Splashes into Books; Cup of Toast; OBC Mini Reviewers; Short Books and Scribes;Rachel Bustin; Bookworm for Kids; A Story about s Girl; Ct and Mouse Reading; Fallen Star Stories; donnasbookblog; Laura's Interests; Over the Rainbow Book Blog; Novel Kicks; Against the Flow Press; Odd Socks and Lollipops; WaggyTalesBlog and Yeah Lifestyle

Christmas Play Book Reviews

Frasers fun House - : If you’re stuck on stocking filler ideas this fabulous tale would make the perfect gift – you can NEVER go wrong gifting a book!

IMG 2404I’ve always admired the dedication of the teachers when it comes to the organisation of the Christmas play. I genuinely have no idea where they find the energy or patience required to direct and keep all the children in check.

Rae Reads: What a lovely story this is to share with your children especially if they are taking part in any plays in the run up to Christmas. It was a great talking point with my oldest who also told me about his experiences as they practiced for the play his class will be performing this year. 

YA/NA Book Divas: Looking for a read that will put a smile on your children’s face and yours? Then look no further as this is the one to do it!!

This funny story has beautiful illustrations and is the perfect holiday read that you'll want to share with everyone.

Splashes into books: I really enjoyed reading and sharing this story and have no hesitation in advising parents and primary teachers to grab themselves a copy to have a laugh at whilst remembering their own experiences of endeavouring to manage or watch Christmas plays and to share the story and their memories with their children. I suspect the children will also enjoy it and be laughing whilst reading it.

IMG 2402 Cup of Toast: My boys thought it was great and loved the illustrations too. It was nice that it showed the ‘behind the scenes’ of school plays and made them chuckle that things can go wrong but still be fun.

OBC Mini Reviewers: This book has come along just at the right time, Lily-May’s school is currently rehearsing their nativity (what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall!)

Short Book and Scribes: My four-year-old enjoyed this book a lot and I so did I. It made me smile and made me feel quite glad that I’m not the one trying to organise the play!

Blackbooks blog: The book brings back memories for me of when I used to do Christmas nativities at school and my daughter loved it as the pictures are great and the story was really well written, and short enough that it kept her attention throughout.

IMG 2400 Rachel Bustin: I love the whole “school play scene” the dressing up, learning lines, dress rehearsals, setting up the props and stage. This book has it all covered. It gives you an insight to the behind the scenes of the school nativity play. What goes on and of course goes wrong!

Bookworm for Kids: Anyone who has taken part in a play or is about to will enjoy this tale and find moments to make then giggle.

A Story about a Girl: I really enjoyed reading this book to both of my children. The pictures in the book are bright and colourful. I wonder if I should take this in to my kids’ school and give it to the teacher’s currently organising their Christmas production. (Claire Sheldon)

IMG 2401 Cat and Mouse Reading: There is plenty to keep the reader amused with funny touches and above all, it is a fun story as you get to see just what can go wrong in the play rehearsal. There is a lovely  message in it that children can see that it is OK to go wrong and that mistakes can be overcome.

Fallen Star Stories: For everyone who is taking part in a school Christmas Play, or anyone who ever has done, this is a charming and memorable picture book. When I shared it with a local school preparing for their own play, the children were enchanted by the story and could see themselves in the pictures.

Donnas book blog: The layout for the book is great the writing is clear and easy to follow and the images add so much to the story – it is a delightful story to read and I can see it being a massive hit with children!

Laura’s interests: I enjoyed this very much. It made me smile and giggle. I think I would share it with kids AFTER they have finished their own program. I wouldn`t want to make them nervous or give them any ideas.

 Over the Rainbow Book blog: The Christmas Play Rehearsal is a wonderful, funny book that is the perfect Christmas book for little kids.

IMG 2403My six-year-old found this book utterly hilarious.  He couldn’t stop laughing at the many things that keep going wrong it led to him telling us lots of stories about his own experiences. He took it into show and tell to share with his class!

Novel Kicks: This story is so much fun and I think it is a perfect book to share with your child whether they are currently taking part in a nativity or not.

Against the Flow Press: What a wonderful book for this time of year! My daughter snaffled it to read to her Year 2 class, and I haven't seen it since!  

This book is filled with lots of really lovely pictures which will keep children entertained as they read, or have the story read to them.

Odd Socks and Lollipops: The Christmas Play Rehearsal is a lovely and funny children’s book that is perfect for those whose little ones who are taking part in their first Christmas play. My daughter wants to take her copy in to school and I am sure it will go down a storm.

P1010145 Waggy Tales Blog: This is a delightful little children’s book telling the story of a class of young schoolmates putting together a school nativity play.

Yeah Lifestyle: Kids will enjoy reading this book as it brings them along the works of a Nativity play as they looking at the colourful illustrations by Helen Smith. The book lit up our faces with smiles as it brought back quite a few memories for us of our kids when they were doing their Christmas plays.

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