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'David’s Bathtime Adventure,' was published November the 9th 2022, which was also my grandson Alexander’s third birthday.

Alexander loves this book and like all little children he loves water play. We love water pistols, bubbles and paddling in the sea. He has also enjoyed playing in my bath with the boats and ducks, especially when he has been painting and is covered in paint.

The bathtime story is about my little brother and his imaginative play when he was a small boy, but I can see Alexander has great imagination too.

With the book blog tour ready, we were waiting to hear what our readers thought.

As ever the lovely Rachel Gilbey of Rareresources was in charge of organising and sorting the ‘Blog Tour.

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Both Deborah Miles and Simon Leonard also joined in with their reviews for David. Bubble bike

“My granddaughter absolutely loved this story. It is something she can relate to - the bubbles; the slippery soap; the bathtime imaginative play; the disappointment at having to get out; the warm towel that greets her when she finally gets out... As a parent, I can well remember supervising my children's bathtime adventures and sympathise with David's mother, knowing that she will have to clear up his watery mess before her day is done.
David's Bathtime Adventure made me smile in a 'Been there. Done That' kind of way.” Says Deborah Miles.

Yellow submarine“Both my daughters loved it and thought it was great, and my wife liked it because the way David acted is exactly like our two do in the bath, especially with getting more water on the floor than in the actual bath.
Yet another great book from Sue, which we highly recommend.” Simon Leonard

Blog Tour

Book Reviews

The tour started with another poetic reply from Elaine.

Another fun read, sharing imaginative fun

With splashing, swimming and rescues to be done!

A beautifully illustrated story with children to share

Though bath time straight after? I don't think I'd dare! @splashes into books

Duplo Dinghy“This book will have little ones laughing at the mess that is made and the fun that can be had with a little imagination and a lot of water. Adults will laugh along at the thought / memory of bathtimes that have looked very similar. 

Perfect for bed time, story time or as an addition to water play set ups/learning. Sue has once again reminded us of the joy in everyday things.”  @Books We’ve Read and Loved

“Not every child loves bathtime so as a parent I found this a fun little book that may help children relax a little and see what fun they can have in the bath.

We really enjoyed the story and how David makes his own fun from any situation.  It’s fun, enjoyable and packed with energy!”

@ David’s Book Blurg.

“Bathtime can be fun! David’s Bathtime Adventure makes it look like the best of times in this picture book, with a great story. It is about David and his bath toys having such a joyous and imaginative time of adventure. This book is perfect for those children who like fun and excitement as well as those who are reluctant to go into the bath.” @Bookmarks and stages

“This is not the first book by Sue Wickstead that I read with my little ones and, hopefully, not the last. David’s Bathtime Adventure – which elicited a lot of giggles’ – is going to turn the bedtime ritual into something that is embraced with a little more joy!”. @Book after Book

“Well, this book was a wild ride with plenty of imagination! Super fun for the kids to read.” @Ceri Welsh mum of 3  


Paddling pool funSue Wickstead has written yet another absolutely delightful children's picture book, that will get children giggling and using their imagination.
They might even want to jump in the bath tub... like David!
The illustrations are beautifully presented and really help the story come alive. Especially with all of David's escapades. (The rubber ring and flippers had me laughing out loud) “ @DashFan Book reviews

“This picture book will appeal to young readers, aged 4-8, who will absolutely recognise the bathtime scene. It will lend itself to sharing and discussion.

The illustrations are bright and colourful and contain such a lot of details which the young reader will recognise. “ @Cat and Mouse Reading 

“David is such a typical little boy. As he pretended to be a pirate his imagination was really fired up. You will enjoy reading this to your boys and girls and maybe they will enjoy their bathtime a little bit more.” @Lisa’s Reading

“A wonderful story about David and his bathtime. Suitable for children ages 4-8 years -both mine love it! Most children love the bath and this is certainly a book they can relate to. The illustrations – like all of Sue’s books are superb! Bright, clear and certainly colourful! It’s ideal for a bedtime story, or for your confident reader to have a go!” @Rachel Bustin

Puddles“David’s Bathtime Adventure is a book that fires the imagination – bathtime is not just a time for baths but a time to play and let your imagination run wild. Each time David enters the bathroom, he brings something else water-based to play with and to change where he is going in his mind.” @Christian Bookaholic

“David is a very creative and brave child, that is bold enough to turn his bath into a swimming resort - something between a lake and a pool. Kindly supervised by his patient mother, he is trying to use his swimming knowledge and his imagination from treasure hunting adventures in order to have a great swimming time.”  @Wild Writing Life

“We loved reading this book together, it’s a very fun story of a very exciting bath time! We loved picking out all the different toys we could see David taking to his bath that Nova has as well. She particularly loved all the splashing David does and does her own impersonation very well! Spalshing
Overall, this is a really enjoyable fun book which we have picked up several times now! @5 minutes for me

“David's getting in the tub, but while his mom simply wants him to wash away the dust of the day, he has other things in mind. Things like ADVENTURE.  Things like TREASURE.  Things like swimming, diving, and casting a net to see what you might catch.  But surely this can't all be done in a simply BATH TUB...right?  Well, you might be surprised...or you might not, if you're in touch with your inner child, because a healthy dose of IMAGINATION can do wonders for any situation!” @Satisfction for Insatiable Readers

Froggy Umbrella“David finds his own way to make bath time fun and goes on his own adventure whilst his Mum keeps an eye. This book is so cute, and it would help encourage kids that bath time can be fun with a little imagination. @Jenny Lou’s Book Reviews

“We love David and his vivid imagination; how much fun he had whilst enjoying his bath. Diving down through the bubbles to begin an adventure with his amazing frog shower cap that I am very jealous of.” @Malloch books

“Yet another fun, colourful book from an author whose books my little bookworms and I have come to enjoy.Froggy

The story of a little boy, David, who, determined to enjoy his bath, his imagination fired, grabs hold of any number of things; a snorkel, a rubber swim ring, the list goes on, in order to make it as much fun as possible.” @Pen and Paper

“This is a really sweet and fun story about David. It's bathtime and his mum gets the bath ready for him, but David just wants to have an adventure, even if it means getting the floor a bit wet! Full of colourful and bright illustrations I guarantee this is going to be a book children will love. It put a smile on my face whilst reading it.” @Library of Louise

“Such a sweet and fun story surrounding bathtime, toys and an incredible imagination. Anyone who has kids / grandkids with a love of bath toys will love this. Well put together and illustrated.” @Inspired by pmdd

“The story is quite funny in parts and reminds us adults how creative children can be. It is a great read for bedtime, the fact that David goes to sleep at the end of the story encourages children to also try and sleep when the story is over.”    @The Bookish Hermit

Book and submarine“This is a sweet little picture book weaving a story around an everyday childhood activity- bathtime. David uses his imagination and toys to make bathtime lots of fun. The illustrations are engaging with a bright colour palette.”  @Green Reads Books

Once again to not only Rachel Gilbey for organising and watching over the tour but also the fantastic book readers who pass on their thoughts.


Readers Favourite - Book Review

David's Bathtime Adventure was a fun read that children are going to love. The talented Sue Wickstead has taken a simple, everyday activity and made it into an entertaining story that will have kids hooked from the very first page. This is not just a story for entertainment purposes; I feel it could also prove useful in making bath time easier.  Umbrella

Review from Amy Louise Hill from Readers Favourite


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