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Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus is off again?

There is something about a bus, you can wait for ages and then three come along together.

Well the year 2019 was such an occasion.

Having now experienced a blog tour (for The Christmas Play Rehearsal), and a blog blitz (for Jay-Jay the Supersonic Bus), it was time to think about the next part of the journey. This time he was off on his Island Adventure with a Blog tour.

Once again, the tour was expertly handled and set up by Rachel Gilbey of Rachel’s Random Resources and once again it was a lot of fun.

The week 19th – 25th May was set and the bus was on its way, this time on a ferry.Jay-Jay's Island Adventure


‘An exciting and uplifting story accompanied by beautiful illustrations that I can’t wait to share with little humans!’ Book after Book.

‘It is another beautifully illustrated, inspirational story and a great read. I’m loving reading this series about the adventures of Jay-Jay.’ Splashes into Books.

‘My kids loved tit, paid attention and carried the story into their imaginative play -what more could we ask from a children's book?!’ Becca’s Books.

‘We really loved this book as there are lots of nice bright pictures for Amelia to look at and she could also read quite a lot of it as the words weren’t too long.’ Black Books blog

‘Sue Wickstead has created a brilliant and relatable character in Jay-Jay who appeals to any young child and represents their issues and worries in a way they can understand and get on board with.’ Herding Cats

‘My daughter feels she is building a likeness for the bus, almost like a relationship with the main character which is lovely to see.’ Author Jennifer Gilmour.

‘The story of a double-decker bus bringing joy to the children is quite delightful and I love the old-fashioned illustrations that show the kids having lots of fun.’ Whispering Stories.

‘Sue Wickstead can do no wrong, why hasn’t this author been snapped up by one of the big five! She has returnable lovely characters.’ A Story About a girl.

‘The story flows well and the pictures are enjoyable. The pictures are like ‘watercolour type’ pictures, which is unique.’ Jessica’s Reading Room

Reding is fun‘It is a delightful story which will no doubt fire a child's imagination with ideas of sailing, pirates and buried treasure.’ Against the Flow Press.

‘Jay-Jay has all the makings of becoming a form family favourite and would bring joy to anyone lucky enough to read it.’ Booksaremycwtches

‘The cover is super colourful and the illustrations are very good and could make any child happy.’ My baby and my books

‘My daughter was giggling at the fact that Jay-Jay had hurt his ‘bottom’, despite trying to work out where a bus bottom was!’ The Writing Garnet.

‘This is a super positive story for readers ready to start tackling longer books, but reluctant to let go of the pictures.’ Mum’s Book Blast.

‘I really liked this book, as did my 4-year-old son. He enjoyed having me read it to him.’ Jazzy Book Reviews.

‘This is a lovely book to share with young readers with plenty to talk about in the story and the illustrations. Cat and Mouse say:  Don't miss the bus!’ Cat and Mouse Reading.

‘This is a lovely book for kids about a bus that has been turned into a Playbus for children.’ Short Book and Scribes

‘I absolutely love how Sue has brought back the magic and importance of play and imagination via Jay-Jay.’ Dash Fan Book Reviews.

‘The story is easy to follow and it has a nice natural flow to it. I loved seeing what adventures Jay-Jay gets to go on now he has his new lease of life this is a nice, genuine, feel good story!’ donnasbookblog

Some bloggers might request a guest post or ask a few questions.

These can really make you think.Cap d'or Moraira

'Guest post about Aunt Vera and her connections to the Island Adventure.' The Magic Of Wor(l)ds

'Who did you inherit your love for books/reading from?' This is one of the questions asked by B for bookreview.

Why do a blog tour?

This is a question I have been asked. For me it is not about selling books; but of course, that would be great; it’s about getting the books out and seen, hearing comments and hopefully receiving reviews on Amazon or even Goodreads.

It has also been great to network and meet online with book bloggers who obviously love reading and, for me, sharing books with children. Some bloggers have even come back again having met both Jay-Jay and I previously.

With further tours now set for my other books the bus stories are certainly driving off in convoy.

Join Jay-Jay on his Playbus Pirate Day

Where to get my books

Books are available from the following:   My Books

Amazon.co.uk     Amazon.com     Waterstones    

Barnes&Noble    Foyles (amongst others)

Don't forget to look and ask in your local Museum, book shop or even buy on your Sainsburys on line shop!



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