Have you heard about Gloria the Summer Fun Bus?

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Gloria's tour

Gloria was off on a magical mystery tour.

Once again, the blog tour was set up with thanks to Rachel Gilbey or @Rararesources and we were looking forward to hearing reviews from all the book bloggers who would be joining the journey.

Over the summer lockdown each bus book has been on a rafflecopter ride offering a free signed copy of the books for children. This week Daisy would be joining in with her ‘Nursery Rhymes and Jokes’ book for ‘Gloria the summer Fun Bus’ blog tour.

The timetable was set for the 16th – 22nd July, with a few additional visitors and events too, everything was set and the bus headed off on the road.

‘A well-considered engaging story, with beautifully drawn pictures, and a cheeky little seagull, that will delight, educate and entertain young readers.’ @Deborah Miles 7.

‘Gloria the summer fun bus is such a cute and fun read. Kids of all ages would really enjoy the storyline and the illustrations.’ @HeidiLynn_Reads.

Harry‘It really managed to grip my crazy, on the go, excitable toddler the WHOLE way through,’ @ReviewingMum. (I just love the delight in this young readers eyes!)

‘This is a fun way to learn that you shouldn’t dismiss things without trying them first. The illustrations are bright and fun, and the text is easy to read and understand. Great for reading with younger children or for older children to read by themselves,’ @Joliffe03.

‘This read is packed with fun, colour and fabulous drawings and a beautiful message in the way these special buses support children. With my son’s name used as the main character! So honoured.’ @Booksandemma. (Indeed, thank you Max for entering the competition to name Gloria.)

‘Jordan enjoyed the story so much, I had to read it to him again,’ @MsFelicia.  ('Jordan sayd thank you,' said Felicia. Oh I just love that cheery grin.) Thank you said Jordan.

‘Sue’s passion for each of her Fun Buses simply shines through, from the beautiful illustrations, to the individual characterisation of the buses, every little detail is superb.’ @Dough_Nut81.

Rachel Bustin‘Another wonderful children’s story from Sue Wickstead. There is something truly special about her stories.’ @RachelBustin.

(Thank you Rachel Bustin for the lovely photo)

‘Conversations were certainly sparked here, and immediately led to a playful session of re-enactment,’ @Cupoftoastblog.

‘There are plenty of opportunities for the adults and children to share story points and to develop language skills.’ @Bookslifethings.

‘This is perfect for all children but particularly those who love transport and buses,’ @just_a_girl_who_loves_to_read.

‘The book lends itself to an interactive reading experience, using exaggerated voices and facial expressions that even the little ones can appreciate,’ @silvia_reads. (You are never too young to enjoy a book.)Baby reads

‘I really liked that this book showed kids that it’s not okay to be mean or ‘bratty’ like Max,’ @PixyJazz.

‘This is a joyous book full of fun and perfect for reading for pleasure,’ @Lou_Bookmarks.

‘The book was lovely, colourful and attractive illustrations with lots to discover,’ @bicted.

‘Gloria’s story is, at heart an old-fashioned tale of learning to play together,’ @lexi_rees.

Gloria and cars‘I really like the fact they are based on real play buses – what a lovely way to repurpose vehicles that may no longer be suitable for their original use. The stories are always sweet and fun and they make my son and I smile a lot,’ @ShortBookandScribe.

‘The characters are well written and even the bus herself has a personality,’ @booksnbookends.

‘she really enjoyed the story and as a mum I thought that was great,’ @dmmaguire.

‘Sue Wickstead’s writing and storytelling is all about creating a fun and informative experience for young readers,’ @walescrazy.

‘It’s nicely written and something different from the usual picture books we tend to read,’ @yeahlifestyleYeah Lifestyle a young reader

‘A story of never giving up on things before you give them a try; bright colourful and written in such a way as to be engaging and easily understood.’ @pettywitter.

‘As with Sue’s other books this one has a great story and the pictures are brilliantly drawn and very bright and colourful.’ @simonleonard.

Daisy Daydream also wanted to join in and managed an early Years takeover day on the 22nd July EYFSHomeSummerClub

Once again, a very big thank you to everyone who joined the bus ride. It certainly was a lot of fun.

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