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David's blog tour
David's Bin Day

The story book, 'David's bin Day', had been sent to book bloggers to read and review.

It was now ready to head off on a week’s blog tour.

The tour was organised by ‘Rachels Random Resources’ and a date set for the 2nd April – 8th April.

Little book readersIt is always good to read comments from readers, with a few bloggers from previous tours as well as new ones along the way. I was very pleased to hear from children who joined in too.

It was interesting to hear how many children love watching the bin man go by. A job that's often overlooked and ignored.

But not by David - nor by many others, so it might seem. bin lorry

Read the Reviews here: -

‘We really got caught up in David’s enthusiasm and his quest to find more rubbish, there was a lot of ‘oh no that’s not rubbish!’ from Little Bookworm as the story went on.

An ideal book to introduce children to some people who help us and their jobs. (Books We’ve Read and Loved)

‘This book is heart-warming, funny and beautifully illustrated. It is aimed at children between the ages of 4 and 8, but my daughter is just over 2 years old and she can easily follow the story. She even tells it back to us on the days she’s feeling too independent to be read too!’ (Book After Book)

David's Book'The simple joy of being a kid is reflected in this sweet book about David’s Wednesday play time. The illustration style of this book reminds me of the stories my mum would read to me as a child, it brought back so many happy memories of my own childhood.'  (Malloch Family books)

 'A wonderful read for young children and their families, with a great message and a brilliant main character!' (Ceri’s Lil Blog)

'David’s Bin Day is a lovely colourful children’s book with fabulous illustrations and a great story.
Xander was excited to read this one as he loved Barty Barton by Sue Wickstead last year and he was not disappointed!
All children love the Bin Lorry/ Bin Men so it was lovely to see that made into a story.'
(As read by Danielle)   Xander Reading

'The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and tell a story all of their own. The book encourages children to use their imagination and to partake in role playing activities, this is great for a young child’s mental and physical development.'   (The Bookish Hermit)

'Every parent needs to get this and read with their child/children. I loved how it encourages cleaning up after yourself. Myself and Melissa did have a giggle at David collecting everyone's things.
We really enjoyed reading this together.'
(Two ladies and a book)

'This is a really sweet and lovely book to read, and I loved reading it with my daughter.

Not only does it show children about one of the jobs that they may not think of, but it also shows the importance of keeping things tidy.' (Jenny Lou's Book Reviews)

Xander's book'Written in easily understood words though some more difficult words are introduced for more experienced readers, David's Bin Day is suitable for a wide range of primary school aged children and, like most of the author's other books, with a theme at its centre {in this instance keeping things tidy, it offers an ideal opportunity to involve the children in some fun role play.' (Pen and Paper)

'I had to get this book and it was such a lovely little read! Sebastian loves catching the bin/recycling men on a Thursday and it's so nice when they wave and say hello to him.' (Ceri.welshmumof3.reads) 

'Sue Wickstead's books have been a must read in our household since discovering her wonderful tales in 2019. We look forward to each book and read them again and again! My sons favourite remains " A Spooky Tale!".

David's HatHere is my youngest "Mini Twist's own review...This story was funny! I like David and his mission to find out about bin men and rubbish and his dads letter. I like the pictures too they have so many colours! Thank you for letting me read your new book!' (The Twist and turn Blog spot)

'I really enjoyed this light hearted picture book. Children will definitely be able to relate to the story as refuse collections happen every week. The only thing lil thing is some might prefer the terminology refuse/waste collectors instead of binmen.
It also teaches children to pick up rubbish and throw it away and to pick up toys after they have been played with. So it teaches children about responsibilities and even you could talk further and discuss recycling etc ..'
. (Dash Fan Book Reviews)

'This is another lovely, relatable story which young readers will recognise as part of their daily life. Many a child will have watched the Bin Men empty the wheelie bins and then played a game of pretend. The illustrations are colourful and bold and add to the story. The text is clearly set out with punctuated speech.

Cat and Mouse say: Check that bin! (Cat and Mouse Reading)

Book and bin'This is an inspiring story about a little boy named David who is fascinated with watching the bin men collect the bins on his street. The illustrations are beautiful too. I read this story to my 11 month old Jacob and he loved the pictures  ' (becckii.books.home.and.life)

'David watches the bin men coming down the street 

And thinks their role is kind of neat.

When they’ve gone he decides to copy their role

And goes round the house on collecting patrol.'Alexander's book

A poetic reply from (Splashes Into Book)

She liked it once, she liked it twice.

she wrote again, which was very nice.

Take the time to read the book

And just splash again and take a look.' (My reply)

'A cute story that majority of children can relate too, it engaged my granddaughter anyway. We talked about the story and she loved looking at the pictures as I read to her.' (Beyond the books)

 'The children loved how determined David was to role play cleaning up his house and this spurred on our class to pretend to be binmen too and clean up our classroom.' (School_librarian_ loves_ books)  

(Review by KM aged 8) 'I think this book is very good for little children and will help them to learn to play and to get an interest in reading. I love reading, I enjoyed David’s Bin Day a lot.' (The Two fingered Gardner Niki Preston)

'I loved the journey David went on as well as the message it helped me discuss with the girls… rubbish ha. They are forever leaving stuff around the house so I said to be careful or I’ll invite David round to help clear up.' (David’s book blurg) 

Lost in a book'This one really connected with my little boy as he often goes out to see our binmen, with a wave and a handshake. It's connecting the community to our children, giving them aspirations & heroes, through the innocent beauty of storytelling.' (⁣lost_in_her_bookland)

It was also great that a few other book readers posted their reviews at the same time.

Thank you to Simon J Leonard and Deborah Miles and also Sally Cronin who posted three different blogs on her online magazine page.

'My girls both loved the story and it is now part of our bedtime reading cycle meaning it gets read at least once a fortnight along with the JayJay books as they both loved it. The story is great and the pictures are really bright and cheerful making the story even better.'  (Black Book Blog)

'I read this book to my two year old granddaughter, who is quite taken with busses, trains, helicopters, airplanes, emergency service vehicles and of course the bin lorry, and she absolutely loved it! I was as much entertained as she was, and this is the first children's book that has found its way on to my 6 Stars! list.' (Against the Flow Press)

Smorgesbord Book Extract 

Bin Men passing byIt certainly has been an eventful April.

Best of all, when my 2 year old grandson recently paid a visit we heard the bin lorry rumbling along the street and he raced to have a look.

I'm not sure if I was more thrilled or he was as the bin men saw him watching and took a moment to wave hello!

He wanted the story book read before he went home.



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