Did you read about Daisy Daydream?

This has certainly been a busy year for my children’s picture books as I had decided to put each of my current books on blog tours.

September it was Daisy Daydream's turn.

Bewbush Playbus Bus StopThe real Daisy Daydream was the bus I designed and painted, when my son first attended the playgroup on the bus, so it is quite special to me.

Thinking of the project as a playgroup for under-fives I chose designs with a nursery rhyme theme.

A local bus engineering company agreed to paint the bus and it was spray painted with the blue and green top and bottom. Then with full-sized pictures the plans were traced onto the bus for painting.

I was allowed to paint the flowers along the bottom and eventually the designs took shape. It was these white daisies that gave the bus in the story book her name.

The result was a beautifully painted and restored bus which we could proudly take to events. We even led the Carnival Parade that year, but most importantly it led to me getting involved with the bus project management.

Over this year Daisy certainly seems to have come along beeping at me to continue and now even has her own book of rhymes and jokes too.

In April, while I was at a bookshop event at East Grinstead, I was surprised when two original playworkers came along to say hello. It was Phillip and Val who are the characters named in the story book. What a lovely surprise?Phil and Val Avery

I have also attended a few book signings and events this year and it is always the original bus project which grabs the attention. Maybe it's time to write a simple information book now.

Daisy’s Daydream’s blog tour was once again organised by Rachel Gilbey. A big thank you to Rachel for her organisation as well as to all the fantastic bloggers who read and reviewed the book.

‘Daisy Daydream Bus Rhymes and Jokes’ book was published just in time to be a giveaway prize on the tour.

As the comments came in, I was pleased to hear that many bloggers had, once again, read the book with their children who had also added their comments.

Book Reviews. Bus StopReviews (click on links to read the full review)

‘The illustrations are colourful and reinforce the text well,’ Jane Hunt Writer

‘A wonderful book that’s fun and educational with gorgeous pictures.’ MadeUP Book Reviews

‘My youngest really enjoyed this book just like the other book he especially liked the easy read style and the colourful pictures full of different things,’ The Trwist and Turns Book Blog

‘This one has lovely images throughout which grabbed Amelia’s attention and the storyline was short enough for her not to get bored on each page,’ Black Books Blog

‘It is such a sweet story full of positive messages and images for children around play and storytelling,’ BOOKSAREMYCWTWCHES

‘It’s a cute story and it has lots of stuff in it that would encourage children to read,’ Jessica Belmont.

‘My son loved this story. It’s a heart-warming tale of not being consigned to the scrap heap,’ Short Book and Scribes.

Cat and Mouse say; ‘Recycle and have a second chance.’

‘Happiness is threaded throughout the story and there is a joyful feel to the book,’ Cat and Mouse Reading

‘Daisy Daydream is a delightful addition to any child’s story repertoire,’ Herding Cats.

‘The bright and colourful illustrations, coupled with the rhyming prose, are a combination made in heaven,’ Cal Turner Reviews.

‘I with there had been children’s buses like these in the USA when I was a kid. It seems likethe kids really enjoyed these buses.’ Jessica's Reading Room.

‘As always great story, illustrations and plenty to spark my six year olds imagination.’ C Sheldon

‘I love the beautiful illustrations in this book and think they will provide a great talking point for inquisitive young readers,’ Deborah Miles. Against the Flow Press

‘This is such a happy book… Daisy Daydream The Nursery Rhyme Bus,’ Bookworm for Kids.

‘The story is a lovely one for us to read together, she loves the story and helps point out and tell me what is happeneing as we go,’ Donnas Book blog.

‘The illustrations are colourful and reinforce the text well. The story flows and has a good amount of detail,’ Carla loves to read.

‘I absolutely love how Sue had bought back the magic and importance of play and imagination via Daisy and Jay-Jay.’ Dash Fan Book Reviews

‘Sue’s books never fail to deliver an enjoyable, entertaining read that can be enjoyed time and time again without becoming boring.’ Frasers Fun House.

‘Sue always manages to capture the hearts of children and I enjoy reading her books at circle time in my pre-school.’ Wrong side of Forty

‘This is a good way to teach children a lesson about looking after things and maybe (learning) then to recycle things that rarely get used that much,’ Reading for Pleasure..

It is also great to know that the illustrations are appreciated too. Thanks to Artful Doodlers.

But the blog journey does not end there.

Watch out for ‘A Spooky Tale’ (not just for Halloween).Halloween and Christmas

Plus a new bus story book coming in November.

Sparky the Dragon Bus’, a bus with royal connections.

But one last word from Daisy.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the rhymes and jokes presented for young children here. There’s a wealth of fun to be had, especially through the jokes presented in the form of bus tickets which is a brilliant way to feature them. Children will love retelling these to their friends and families.’ Linda Hill Linda's Book Bag.

Against the Flow Press

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