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Daisy Daydream - Bus Rhymes and Jokes

With a new book due in September, ‘Bus Rhymes and Playtime’, it was time to think about a launch.

I had organized a blog tour for the new book in September, but I had never done a blog tour for Daisy’s book, ‘Daisy Daydreams Bus Rhymes and Jokes’, I thought maybe it would be good to send her on tour first as a lead up to the new book.

Bus Rhymes and Jokes

daisy bus Daisy’s tour was organized for August, 15th  to 21st.

I’m not sure why Daisy’s Rhyme book hadn’t been on a tour, maybe it was because it was not my usual bus story book?

Her Rhyme books had been used in local libraries for ‘Rhyme time’, singing Nursery Rhymes and then singing Daisy’s versions.

book on a hill Do children still know their traaditional Rhymes these days?

In fact, it was using her book for Rhyme Time that had inspired me to write the new bus rhymes book (with the help of my 3-year-old grandson).

Daisy’s story was definitely the inspiration that led me to my involvement in the real Playbus project.

I was excited but also a little anxious about the tour, how would the bloggers enjoy this book of rhymes and bus poems?

As always, I had arranged the two tours with Rachel Gilby and was pleased to hear that once again Daisy’s tour was filled very quickly. We were ready to take the road.

The reviews were not only very uplifting but it was good to hear from new as well as those who had been on previous tours, most of all it was good to hear the thoughts of the children. (They are after all the people I write for – and like my grandson – they don’t always have a voice).

It's a good job that it’s a virtual tour otherwise the bus would certainly been dashing about the country and buses don’t do dashing about.

daisy blue skyBlog Tour Reviews.

'Daisy Daydreams Bus Rhymes and Jokes is a fun collection of jokes and rhymes but the twist is they are all bus related..so those rhymes you’ve known since childhood have been tweaked in a fun way to fill this book full of fun.

I sat down with my two to discuss the book and from the off Georgia said if she saw this book on a book shelf she would buy it.. the colours, the playful fun looking bus, very eye catching.' Davids Book Blurg

'My children and myself loved reading this together. I particularly loved how the jokes were presented. Each one was placed on illustrations of different travel tickets.' Two ladies and a book.

 'This is bright and colourful, In fact, it is an out and out fun read for young children. They will love the jokes and rhymes, some of which are reminiscent of well known nursery thymes. There are plenty of opportunities for sharing and for trying out actions and different voices.' Cat and mouse Reading

 'This was such a sweet book, filled with nursery rhymes and jokes it had a little something for everyone. Some well known nursery rhymes made an appearance but with an alternative take on them and they were all entertaining and fun.' Bex books and stuff

 'Joy and laughter are sure to be found when the play is is in town. Jump onboard with this hilarious collection of jokes and rhymes all themed around buses. 

If you’ve got a little one who loves the bus or vehicles then this books is a must. 

Familiar rhymes are rewritten with a bus themed twist but with the same great rhythm and rhyme that children know.' Books we’ve read and loved

book on a hill 2'Not one, not two not three but four children have helped in reviewing this book. They have all been giggling at the jokes and the rhymes that they know so well being all mixed and muddled up! They found that brilliant!'  Book on the hill

(Thank you to Books_on_a_hill for the fantastic photos of the children, how excited the look. Which is certainly how it should be with a book!)

With colourful pictures and lots of smiles

This bus book keeps entertaining for miles and miles.

Packed with humour and familiar folk, too,

I have no hesitation highly recommending it to you.Splashes into books

'I love sharing that with my kids. This book is filled with well loved nursery rhymes with a new twist (bus themed) my daughter really enjoyed the jokes and the illustrations her favourite was the joke about the bat. From Daisy and I it's a thanks from us.' Malloch book

book on a hill 3'Sue’s writing style is usually more text dense than a traditional picture book, making them read aloud stories rather than independent reads, but given this is in short snippets so a young bus fan can dip into it themselves. As for the jokes – well, I particularly loved this one

What is red, runs on wheels, and eats grass?
A bus – I lied about the grass!' Mums book blast

'My Review: I had such a fun time on the BlogTour for Daisy Daydream – Bus Rhymes and Jokes. The Illustrations are fun, colourful and gorgeous. Engaging for little people eager to learn and explore. I enjoyed it.'

Inspired by my PMDD

'With choruses of 'again' from the two youngest and a 👍👍 from the eldest of the little bookworms I think it safe to say we all enjoyed this book with its mix of silly jokes, new rhymes and the re-wording of classics such Little Bo Peep who alas couldn't get any sleep and the old woman who lived not in a shoe but, yes, you guessed, in a bus.' Pen and Paper

This was a beautifully illustrated, fun book for young children, especially if they love buses. All in all, a lovely book to read to young children but equally one a child can enjoy when they start reading. The Wee bookworm

This charming book for children contains a variety of rhymes, songs and jokes based on traditional tales rewritten around a bus theme- like Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. It is beautifully illustrated by Artful Doodlers with attractive cartoon-style pictures. Sarah loves reading

Aww we adored this book so much so I found it very difficult to retrieve for a photo 😂
3year old loved it. 1year old loved it, mum loved it! Happy days. Lovely little book with a great selection of rhymes and jokes. Definitely worth a read 👍🏻 5 mins for me  book on a hill 4

What a delightful book to introduce preschoolers and young children to the power of rhyme and exploration of language along with the basis behind the humour of simple but effective jokes suitable for their age. Pickled thoughts and pinot

My boy has loved buses since he was 2 (he’s now nearly 8) although just on the cusp of the older age range of this book, he still really enjoyed reading it! A must have book for any bus mad kids! Scotsbookworm

Daisy Daydream Bus Rhymes And Jokes by Sue Wickstead is an absolutely wonderful book for both young children and early readers. I think it would be just perfect for the under eights.

The nursery rhymes are based on traditional ones including Humpty Dumpty and The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe. Sue Wickstead has updated them whilst maintaining all the charm. I think adults would enjoy this book too as we can appreciate the wording in the rhymes. Christian Bookaholic

ALL ABOARD!  It's back to school time, so the kiddos are probably getting use to the idea of riding the bus, but did you know that a bus can tell jokes, spin nursery rhymes, and bring a smile to your face?  Ha!  I thought not...but, I know one that's swinging by today to do JUST THAT.  Satisfaction for insatiable readers

Not only is this a great book to get your children into reading but also a brilliant way to get up, dance and have some fun with your family as you do the actions to the rhymes!!! One of my favourite rhymes just has to be 'It's The Playbus' which reminded me so much of a children's programme that I used to watch and love as a child!! Bookworm 86

This was read with my 5 year old.It has some funny little jokes in for children. My little one said his favourite joke was about the eels. Silky booklover fun

What is a blog tour?

It's amazing how you forget that not everyone might kno.

Well this virtual tour had the bus dashing about the country hearing from all of those lovely bloggers.

Over the week the bus visited bloggers across the country including : -. Northumberland; Bournmouth; Oldham; Dronfield; Ammanford; GreatMisssenden Bucks; Derbyshire; Kent; West Sussex; Surrey; Newcastle-Upin-Tyne; Renfrew; Peterborough; Fife, Scotland; Perth; Worcestershire; Coventry; Carmathanshire, Wales; Sunderland.

What a magical mystery tour that was.

Blog tour for DaisyDid you have a ticket?

Yes! The wheels were virtually turning all week long.

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