Where would you 'Coddiwomple' to?

Mobile Van

It was a lovely sunny day and a perfect opportunity to visit the Lego Shop in Brighton.

I wanted to buy the new Christmas Lego set for my collection. (I ended up with a little more than intended. Oops!)

On the way I walked along the seafront and noticed an interesting green van with a rustic wooden doorway on the side which made it look quite magical.Green mobiles

I’m always interested to see different mobiles and buses so I just had to go and say hello.

I asked if it would be okay to take a photo and also asked was the van special and what did it do.

The young man said it was their home and that they travelled around in it.

I told him I was fascinated to see different vehicles and told him about my bus stories. He took my card and commented on Jay-Jays name so I told him the names of alll of my buses and their books.

Fence decorationsHe then told me that their van had a name too and he wrote it down for me. ‘Coddiwomple’. He said it had a meaning.

I thought it sounded a lovely name.

So, on my return home I looked up the definition of the word.

To coddiwomple is “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

It certainly looks like a fun way to coddywomple through life.

I love the name and love the look of this magical van and occupants.

A perfect way to visit (musical) events and to take part when we can meet again in numbers.Meeting again

Don't you just love the word a perfect name for a mobile project!

Coronavirus graffettiI wonder if there is a story (or a song) there somewhere don't you think?

A mobile project can do so much and take on many disguises.

Magical indeed.

A perfect place for a Halloween surprise?

Lego PirateWell I certainly met a Lego pirate with his ‘X’.

As well as a few treasures decorating the fence!Decorated fence

Seafront TrainA friendly train racing past but the magical doorway on the ‘coddiwomple’ van was the best treasure of all.

Most of all I learnt a new word and now I am coddiwompling through life.

I will get there.

Will you?


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