What would you name your Playbus?

Bus Rally

This was a question asked on the raffle, for a signed copy of 'Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure'.

My story book namess.

Jay-Jay's name came from his number plate, JJK 261.JJK 261

DaisyDaisy was named because of the daisies painted along her outside.

Gloria was named after the Gatwick Airport, Airbears mascot.

But, the real bus was only known as 'The Bewbush Playbus', Bewbush was where it parked and operated.

GloriaWe met a few bus pojects along our jouney including 'Sparky the Dragon bus', from Glasgow. (Now with her own book too.

Here are the names that the competition entrants suggested.

Playbus cheshireNeil suggested, 'The Playbus Cheshire', that's a cheat Neil because you already have the bus. I will definitly have to come and visit one day, after lockdown.

'Busby Babe', suggested Eileen.

'The Big Bright Playbus', said Claire.

'Discoveration' was the name that the winner Claire N had offered. (Winner chosen randomly by rafflecopter)

Mary came up with the idea 'to cover it with poppies and to call it 'Poppy'. Our local buses do indeed have such a bus which the bus drivers say they love driving around as it gets lots of looks and comments.Poppy Bus

Mark liked the name 'Bertie'.

Janie thought 'The Fun Run Bus' (when lockdown is over). Indeed Janie, Gloria the Summer Fun Bus agrees. Reading had a bus called the 'Fun Bus' which did lots of arts and crafts and fun things too. Angela also thought, 'The Fun Bus'. Gloria would agree.Reading Fun Bus

Tower Hamlets PlaybusDaniel said, 'I'd get my 7-year-old nephew to paint it for me as he always liked the brightest and most fun colours'. Well a Playbus was always bright and colourful, and certainly different. Daniel's idea would fit the criteria, but what would he call it. the Tower Hamletts bus was painted by the children and had a graffitti look to it.

'The Fun Factory', said Susan. Yep, a Playbus was/is indeed a place of fun.

Solange, suggested, 'Ollie'.

While Ellie thought 'Magical Mover' fitted the bill. Yes, it certainly was a place full of magic.

Harlow Rainbow bus'The Rainbow Bus', Lewis suggested and I think the NHS would certainly clap for that one. In fact, there was once a bus in Harlow covered in rainbows. 'The Weather Witch', (a story I am working on) would love this one too.

Lynne liked 'Tobias.

Emma thought 'Jet', hopefully a speeding jet rather than jet black.

Margaret liked the name 'Skye'. Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure', was based on a Playbus that visited the Shetland Isles in Scotland so I think Benji and Jay-Jay like this idea. A remote island to visit and explore.

'Guinevere' was the name Dominic thought of. Perhaps perfect for the London to Brighton veteran car run , or indeed a bus rally to Brighton.

Cathryn would name her bus 'Cathryn 1'. I wonder if there would be more to follow?

I would 'have pictures of tropical birds on it and call it 'Sunny' said Champaklal. That sounds lovely.

I wonder indeed what the buses might look like?

Why not draw your bus design.

I'd love to see them.

Over the lockdown. Each of my story books were involved in virtual events.

In June 2020 Daisy Daydream was able to join in with Indie author festival event, in June.

This year for Indie Author Week Barty Barton will be joining in with a blog tour.

June 7th  - 13th Barty's blog tour.

June 12th - 19th - Indie author week.

'Barty Barton the Bear that was loved too much' - but can you love your bear too much?

Barty's book also went of to the teddy bear ladies at the repair shop.

I hope Jay and the repair shop team enjoyed the story. The Repair Shop


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